How We Can Achieve More In Life

Little We Know More We Could Achieve 

This topic which I titled “little we know, more we could achieve” came across my mind at the time I was reading Steve jobs biography. I got to understand that to be successful in life is not all about knowing everything but knowing little about everything. The truth is that as humans we all have gifts, talents and skills that are inbuilt in us.

Craving Motivation on Achievement in Life
waiting too long on hope and promise makes the mind shattered” – CravingBiz

However, the problem most of us face is discovering these inbuilt potentials within us. Although these gifts, talents and skills are within us, it is sometimes hard to reach them. Remember “nothing worthwhile is ever easy”. Like Steve jobs success and achievement story, the first thing he did was discovering himself, his strengths and weaknesses.
He knew education was important but he does not have to misplace his priorities as well. Education is just a ladder to success not success in its own vein. His dream was to build up his vision and develop his talents. All he could think of at that point was to build a device that shocked the world.

In What Manner Did He Do This

When reading most of CravingBiz write ups and articles, we will adopt my metaphor that craving for success is high and I took it as a business upon myself to help others who could not reach a certain height and to those who have fallen but having a hard time getting back up.
Though it is not easy for someone who has once acquired or tasted wealth to afterwards get poor at the long run, such a person might never find life interesting any longer. All the same, it is not encouraging for one  to remain poor for a long time as well – it is a general belief that “waiting too long on hope and promise makes the mind shattered” the thing is, on both ends we have to keep striving and never relent until something positive happens. The secret to an unsuccessful life lies on “tiredness” Even though it is natural for us as humans to get tired of things but when you are tenacious you will never get tired of trying.

Focus More On Things That Interests You

As for Steve Jobs, he firstly discovered himself and while discovering himself he found things that interest him the most. He was rejected several times and also failed multiple times. But his mind was fixed to what his vision was and that was to invent something which is beyond human experience and expectation.
So for someone who wants to achieve more but knows little, there should be something that interests you , something that triggers you, you should have discovered yourself, you should have known what you are good at, your talent and the skills you possess that gives you the craving or desire to want to do more.

You Have A Choice

To get the best out of life we need to do things that interest us, practice and keep practicing until we are fulfilled. At times, mistakes are inevitable, some people will mock and tell us that we don’t deserve the merit, they will even go ahead to say defamatory statements that we are not worthy.
By the way, these contradictory statements are just an opinion; it all depends on our strong will to make our personal decisions and a firm resolution to never settle for less.
To be candid with you, as the world seems corny so do we humans in it too – when we succeed people will shower praises on us, but when we fail they will mock the hell out of us; Such is life.
Steve knows that education is important but it is not the only thing we need to set our priorities right to succeed. If we make a check list of most of the great inventors in the world today, we will find out that the majority of them are not educated but they choose to believe in their abilities. 
He (Steve) knew that education is not the main priority for him, he discovered himself by knowing his very purpose. I could not imagine how many people who have mocked him while he was still at the scratch trying to get things right inventing and the period he dropped out of school.

Believe in Yourself And Yourself Alone

You don’t need everybody to believe in you or what you do, you need only one person to believe in you, in your dreams and your vision; and that person you need is you. You can only make things right when you believe in yourself and the power of your abilities. In deciding what to do, you don’t have to follow the crowd. You should know what you want and know how to go about it. However, believing in yourself does not stipulate that you should not listen to advice from people. Be attentive to listen and be logical in making decisions let your brain do the working out.
People might spite you, this is the fact, but if you can’t take shit then you are in shit. You have to take in some insults to pick up; you have to be deformed before you can be in form. You have to fall before you can rise. You need to fail to succeed; you have to lose before you can win.

Being a Jack of all trades or maid of all works will lead us to be master of none. That does not lead us anywhere. Moreover, when we keep adding value to ourselves we in return gain more knowledge about things that surrounds us. I strongly believe in this saying. “We may know but achieve more only when we know how things work and obstinately refuse to give up” – CravingBiz

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