How Good And Evil Works For The Best Of Mankind

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Good and Evil Makes The World a Better Place – CravingBiz

Do you Know evil is good in it own world; And it helps to keep the world alive? That sounds controversial right? You will get to understand soon. Evil is good in its own world, only if we take our time to read and understand how it operates. Here, we will discuss in details what evil is and how it helps the world for the better.

What most of us regard as evil is actually not what we think it is, although we say evil is disastrous, painful, full of havoc and so on, and it could lead to so many negativity, but let the truth be told, evil is not what we think it is. 

Firstly, the way our minds are programmed and the orientation given to us by our forefathers, religion or our thought belief system sometimes makes us to picture evil as what it is not, but we will understand this when we reflect and think deep and by channeling our thoughts into two perspectives to arrive at a conclusion. We have to apply logical reasoning, not based on assumption or superstitious beliefs using the “if and if not” by applying conditional and Bi-conditional prepositions to arrive at a final conclusion.


How Does Evil Helps The World And Mankind

We all know anything called evil is bad and disastrous, and everything call bad is evil and is forbidden in the human world. However, the world is programmed and created with both good and bad or good and evil and these are natural phenomenon that we can’t take away from the world even if it affects us individually or generally, it is a thing that we (human) can’t escape.


The Opposite Of All Things From: The Beginning Of Creation

From the beginning of the world everything that ever came into being has an opposite factor. Everything including plants, animals, humans and entity and all that surrounds us has an opposite. Although good and evil are inseparable yet the both are so important to human life circle and the world itself. 

In the beginning God created the heavens and earth (opposite) the earth was without form and void (bad)Genesis 1-1, while the heaven has no flops (good). And the earth was filled with darkness (bad) and God said let there be light, and there was light (good Genesis 1-3). And God call the light (day) and the darkness (night). – Opposites. God then separated the waters from the earth (opposite). Genesis 1-6; This biblical story goes on. On the 6th day, God said “let us make man in our own image” Genesis 2:20 – 23 and God saw that man needs a companion. He didn’t create a man but created the woman instead (opposite). After the creation of human, God saw everything He had created and it was good – 

Here, it clearly shows that everything which was created in opposite has a specific purpose. Before something can be good it must have in one way or the other passed through the process or channel of both opposites.

The opposite of everything brings balance to the world, though we all know evil is bad and it does not speak or represent something meaningful but as a saying goes thus “Everything which brings out good fruit must have passed through the bad stage.” – CravingBiz


Opposite Brings About Balance

Nothing good comes easy – Everything can never be infinitely good, except God who is infinite and all knowing.  Since human beings are full of limitations and imperfections, we should know for certain that nothing is infinite. Except God who created us. Evil and good as I have previously said are inseparable, they can’t cease to exist, if they do – the world would have come to an end a long time ago. The question which should pop through our mind now is, how so?

Life will never be interesting and would as well be meaningless if both good and evil does not complement each other; though, no one wants to live a worse or terrified life but by nature we are bound to go through the experience of some of the good and bad sides of the face of life. We definitely can’t escape it. The world is a corny world and it has its ways of synchronizing, with the ways it picks people it wants to bless or curse; And that is why some people call the world a mad world which is full of diversity and as well unpredictable.

Bring The Balance To The World

For instance, Happiness and sadness – Failure and success – loss and Gain –Death and life – Laughter and cry – Love and hatred – war and peace – Poverty and wealth are all opposites which they all have a specific and unique ways they affect us but still, bring balance to the world.

Let us imagine that our body is the world: Most times our bodies keeps craving for sugar all the time; we love it, but when we keep taking sugar for a long time, we will notice some changes in our body system that notify us that the amount of sugar we have consumed is much and could lead to some severe health issues. Whereas for someone who does not take enough or no sugar, it will also get to a stage where the body system will crave for sugar and we must give it (body) what it needs at that point in time, if not low sugar intake could lead to low blood sugar level and could sometimes lead to death if proper measures are not taken.

What we are emphasizing on is that, the first example sighted is good for our personal consumption. Howbeit, nothing can be totally good, in life everything can’t be rosy all the time, if it does, that could bring disaster to the world.


Controls The Eco System

Let us look at the population of the world, we are over 7.7 billion people, excluding the animals and other living organism; in the recent years there has been a drastic change in the world Eco system which results to global warming causing climate change as an effect of over population and pollution in the atmosphere. This in return costs us the loss of over 120,000,000 lives, a major negative effect of the climate change in the recent years.

Death is inevitable, so as life. The natality and mortality rate remains constant. Death is an entity which is programmed to control the population of the world, though it may lead to its taking away of our loved ones from us but in return it gives the world a better future and stability to withstand the pressure and pollution caused by us (humans) that dwell in it.

Let the truth to be told, we humans are the cause of most of the bad results we get from the world yet what we called evil helps manage the world better and keeps it in check.

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