Craving For True Leadership

The True Leaders

When craving for true leadership, we get to realize, the true leaders of tomorrow are not really who we think they are. Taking us back to the parable from the Bible about the wanted and the unwanted plant?.  Matthew 13:24-43. We need to patiently in some cases let it grow before separating them or better still separate them while they are still young so it will be easy to be uprooted. This is how complicated it is when craving for true leadership.

The Corrupt World

However, the world as we know it is a corrupt world full of evil and good; When we say a corrupt world, it doesn’t mean the whole world or the humans or things in it are all totally evil. One thing to note is; there is always a cause before an effect, so as there is day then comes night; so as light is to darkness, good is to evil. Likewise, as we have the good and noble men so also we have the corrupted ones too.

Life synchronizes

For the sake of life or to keep being in existence, we need to accommodate and appreciate death and vice versa. Everything in life has a way it synchronizes. Sometimes, it plays right well in our courts; in another second, may turn out horrible and disappointing. We don’t know what might come up or happen next. We are only moved by the breeze of life. We are just like leaves blown away from it branches – which doesn’t have power over itself. You don’t need to take shortcuts to riches or to be successful. Even the Bible says, I will have mercy on those I wish to have mercy upon. According to Romans 9:15

The rejected ones are the chosen ones

The Irony is, the rejected ones are the chosen ones, this is an act of discrimination and humiliation. From history, from biblical referring, let’s take a look at the story of Joseph. He was disliked by his brothers and later sold into slavery.  Also the story  of David, a shepherd boy, whom his family looked down on became the king of a nation.  1 Samuel 17 -28 

The Bible spoke of Nathanael who doubted with discriminationwhat good the small town of Nazareth can produce, as he said “can anything good come from Nazareth?” – John 1.43 – 46.
 Even the Bible says “the stone the builders rejects turns out to be the cornerstone”. – Psalm118:22. Though, it may turn out to be luck or grace, yet, the message has been passed.
We can’t say which is which, we don’t have the right to judge or condemn anyone, old or young by age, poor or rich by class, black or white by race. All that matters is that everyone has their unique place which they guide, occupy and fit into in this world.
Motivational Quote
“No matter how strong and powerful we may be at the moment, it doesn’t last forever. – So why not help others” – Cravingbiz

The basic thing is, let’s try doing the right thing by reaching out according to our riches and capabilities. Help the weak, for someday they will be strong. Like a baby, we were once weak, time passed; now we are strong.  “No matter how strong and powerful we may be at the moment, it doesn’t last forever. We can’t be infinitely strong; we can only be strong and powerful, rich and famous according to our capacity as designed by our creator.
When we reach our limit we stop. If we fail to stop, nature stops us. After all, death supersedes. So what’s the essence of acquiring everything when we may end up having nothing to show for?
The true leaders of tomorrow may not be the one we think, it may not be the ones we train, it may not be the one we depend on to take our place after we are gone, it may not be our children, siblings or relative, they may not be anywhere close to us .
The bitter truth remains, this future generations and leaders might be very close to us but we may not realize or count them worthy, we may look down on them, call them nothing, whereas they are the ones who might come to our rescue or aid tomorrow. With time, we might realize we have failed by not reaching out. Till then, hopefully, it will not be too late.

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