How Information Became An Instrument For Survival

Information: A Thirst For Power

The thirst and hunger for power never cease to be an ambition in every man and it ranges from one person to the other according to our individual perception on how we should acquire it. However since power seem to be a quest on the human path and at times it is unwisely based on our selfish interest to enslave and humiliate others who cannot reach our positions. Humans choose to categorize themselves into classes. The upper class (the rich, wealthy and famous), the middle class, and the lower class (the poor) you can learn more about this here.

Motivation on information
The quest for power is fully tied to information. – CravingBiz

These three categories of people run the race of life, to what they refer to as fulfilment. However, to some, life chose not to be friendly with them; no matter how they try they still end up achieving nothing. Whereas some always get a reward for what they have done according to the effort they put into it. Should we then refer to these ones as the lucky type or they are just favoured. For more clarity on this why not read on – If you are so smart why aren’t you rich; it turns out to be luck.
The quest for power is fully tied to information. As believed, we all are aware that the world evolves around information, and what is communicated around the world is what most people use as an instrument of survival.
However, there is no gainsaying in it and it is of no doubt that information stands out as the most powerful tool to gain power and for our presence to be known.
In this present age, look at the internet, social media and news, everything evolves around information. People now place their focus more on the internet to source for information. 
This is where the problem begins, mostly all of us love easy access to things and above all information takes the front row.At the present time, since the upper class people sees and noticed that information is what connects the three classes of human race together, they focus more on it.
Information makes us believe what it is and what is not. Since information is not a totally visible entity it is subjected to false truth. Now it is very clear that nations with the most reliable information are always at the top while others follow, and this same application implies to every human.
Information these days seem to be the seat of life and it is very valuable and vital to us, for this reason we will agree that genuine information is worth more than gold, especially in this modern world where we live in.  Information Sourcing Bring a shift From Physical Battle To Intellectual War

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