18 Things You Should Beware Of In Life

Life As It Appear

Life appears to be watching while in silence, because it has a unique way of getting into us. Also, this is related to how people watch us when we think no one is actually watching our actions; our good and evil deeds are well noted and monitored, spiritually (in the spirit ream) and physically (within what our eye can see or reach), but there are some which are physical yet our eyes may not see them because there are some natural elements (human) and forces which are more powerful than we think or know. However, taking caution of them, not to fall into their hands or courts and being aware of our errors or mistakes are what we should really beware of.

Happy Moments Could Turn Hazardous

When we achieve or get successful at some certain point in life, we get happy and joyous, yet there are some who are not happy with our achievements. They may be with us, to rejoice with us, but deep-down they are not happy. It is by nature and by default to have people who are of this caliber of hatred with our success stories. 

They are programmed to beef us of our success; and also, there are some who are just waiting for our mistakes, so they can take it up against us, hold it against us, judge us and punish us for things we really do or do not commit, either consciously or unconsciously.
Do you believe there are people who hate us for a/some or no reason? They are mostly irritated by our success. Believe it or not this people are real and they really exist.

A Cause Before An Effect

Though, there is always a cause before an effect can occur. We as humans are imperfect; we are bound to make mistakes, sometimes slight mistakes, while sometimes expensive ones. Any of these mistakes could be costly and can result in lifetime destruction. It is however, important to note that no mistake is small, because even the slightest mistake could cost us our lives and if not careful, it could cost a whole generation a costly havoc. Yet, no one is perfect.

What Do They Gain

What do they gain from this act of wickedness? From the very beginning of human and life existence, the world is full of good and evil, which is inseparable. It is by nature that the world is controlled and encapsulated within and around the two elements. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but stand as a source of motivation to humans and life itself. It serves as a source of motivational force which triggers humans to strive for more – especially when facing the challenges of life.

While some mistakes are repairable, there are some which are beyond repair, so, it is very advisable to listen to advice and also try not to make a mistake we may forever regret, and which may be beyond repair.

Things You Should Beware Of:

  1. Beware of them who praise you for your achievements: not all good looking and healthy fruits taste sweet.
  2. Beware of them who look you straight in the eye and tell you they love you: for you can’t see their heart.
  3. Beware of those who care for you for no reason: there is more to it.
  4. Beware of the words that come out of thy mouth: it may make you or mar you.
  5. Beware of them who are always negative in their thinking: they will hold you down from achieving greatness.
  6. Beware and be conscious of who heavily speaks to you about heaven: ask him if he has been there before.
  7. Beware of them who are scared of you: they will not rest until they see you fall.
  8. Beware of people who claim they have changed from their evil ways: the stain is still on them.
  9. Beware of the woman who can forgive but not forget: she is just like a lion with a broken heart.
  10. Beware of men who sleep naked in the same bed with you and claim nothing will happen: you are dining with the dead.
  11. Beware of he who keeps silent to everything: his heart speaks like a lousy gong but none could hear.
  12. Beware of them who you fight and did not fight back: they are more dangerous than the most venomous snake.
  13. Beware when your spouse hides things from you: run for your life.
  14. Beware when the world advances and you stay behind: soon you will have no value.
  15. Beware and pray before calamities befall you: nobody will help you but yourself.
  16. Beware of what you do or say in the presence of your child: it will fight against you in the future.
  17. Beware of the friends you keep: your way, life, depends on them.
  18. Beware and be brave when your heart is stolen by those who you love: don’t be depressed, all you have to do is to use your head.
As Big Sean once said ” Beware of a woman with a broken heart“.


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