13 Major Reasons Why We Fail

Reasons For Our Failure

You will never get what you want if you don’t fight back. Life is not a bed of roses; it has its own difficulties and the way in which it affects us as humans. Losing or to lose is paramount to every human who is in the race of survival; though, one way or the other, every one of us are in the human race. It is either we run after something or something runs after us or is getting to us. The race is designed to affect every life, not leaving anyone out. Our differences in class, race, color does not differentiate us from this race of life.

When you practice to play, somehow, in the process, you practice to loss. When you practice the both, then, you get close to perfection. – CravingBiz
Life will never let you go off challenges, if you don’t determine to let go. However, the only way to let go is by fighting back to overcome. Though, life has its way of playing fair games with us, nevertheless, we have to really understand how nature works, either on us as humans, animals, plants and life generally.

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Life Take Turns

As winning or success brings joy into those who it affects, so also losing brings sorrow to those who it affects. Since life has its dynamic way of playing her games, so it also has unique ways to synchronize when she is to take turns. Whichever way life may have or choose to treat you, it is our decision to decide if we should give in or give up on our-self.

When someone says you will never win, tell them ‘yes’, they are right but you will never stop or get tired of trying again and again and again. When you lose, never get tired of trying again. Losing is not a weakness or a criterion for failure; trying again is not your greatest strength or criterion for success. The greatest weakness is “tiredness”. Getting tired of what we do and on our-self is the greatest criterion for failure.

The Greatest Reason Why We Fail

The greatest reason why we fail is because we get tired of what we do. By getting tired we’re more or less giving-up on our-self, dream, our existence and the world itself. In short, it is an act of giving in to failure to be in control of us at once.

Life Knows Better Than We Do

To win, it is most prominent that we must lose. We win to lose and also lose to win. “He who loses today has a chance to fight another day”. Somehow we will never win unless we lose. You think failure doesn’t get tired of losers too? Yes, it does get tired. The reality is, because life knows far and better than we do, it then uses that as an advantage against us.

He knows you can hold on to pressure which comes in form of problems, challenges, havoc and many other disastrous ways to us. It knows, as human being, we are weak by nature. So it uses what it has and knows to get us, it knows we don’t know what it knows. However, now that you have a clear understanding of what life is capable of and the tricks it plays, then you can challenge your challenges with a bigger challenge.

Bargain with Life

Since we know we will never win, then, it is time to have a rethink about how we want to achieve success in life. The only positive way to attack this is to challenge your challenges (life) with a bigger and more reasonable but more frustrating challenge.

Let us give a better explanation:  All babies are designed to walk at a certain stage in life, so it is the duty of the child as there is an inbuilt zeal and passions in them to walk after crawling for some time. We all know that that child or kid will love crawling forever! So, that zeal keeps them going and going until they finally achieve or accomplish their desire, this act is mostly an unconscious act, yet they believe they are doing the right thing which is totally correct. They fail, get injured, feel pain, but keep on trying again, they at some point give in to these challenges but they aren’t tired of trying again and again and again.

Its Either I Win or I Win

Their initiative or mentality at that point or period of time is. “It is either I walk or I walk. Not it is either I walk or I don’t walk”. They don’t think otherwise, it is either yes or yes, not yes or no.
You will never win; yes! You can lose and lose and lose and keep losing forever until you bargain, and you at the end frustrate your enemy to bargain. The pain, struggles are the sacrifice we pay or give in to bargain, in return for success. To succeed in life, you need to frustrate your enemies to bargain with you.

Lesson To Learn from the Brief Explanation Above

  1. They care less of what will befall them
  2. They see a clear vision of what is above them
  3. They are courageous and full of confidence
  4. They are not afraid of failure
  5. They give up, give in but didn’t get tired of trying again
  6. They didn’t procrastinate
  7. They are well contented with what they have to succeed
  8. They bargain with life, they paid a sacrifice
  9. They took the sacrifice upon themselves
  10. They took responsibilities
  11. They are risk takers
  12. They didn’t beg for mercy, they do what is needful
  13. They are determined to get out of the chains of life

Its either you lose a hundred times and you win once and for all than lose once and forever live with a sign of fear.

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