10 Juicy Motivational Quotes For Every Man Crave For Success

For every man who craves for success, here are some juicy motivational quotes that might inspire you.

  1. ”When your mind is not made up – it means you are not ready. Life is not about receiving alone; we ought to give and take. When you receive you give back in return. Many of us are of the habit of receiving alone but when it comes to reaching out to others we are nowhere to be found.” – CravingBiz
  2. “Life is all about bargaining, you bargain; what you give you get back in return, whether positively or negatively.” – CravingBiz
  3. “However, you can reciprocate what life gives you. When it comes to knowledge, don’t hesitate to inculcate it into others, the society needs to be devoid of ignorance. At times the beginning might not be fruitful as we have pictured, so don’t give up at the starting point, don’t give up at some point and never give up at any point”. – CravingBiz
  4. “A little beginning might seem tough, rough and challenging; but don’t give up keep trying and pressing harder until something positive eventually happens. When we are tenacious most things we start small gets fruitful at the end”. – CravingBiz
  5. “Procrastination kills slowly, No matter how difficult things are, keep on trying. Every good thing does not come easy”. – CravingBiz
  6. “Don’t forget – No one will motivate you but yourself, if you feel humiliated by other people’s success you have in return damage 70% of your success rate. So don’t feel bad about other people’s success or achievement; instead, work on yourself and never relent”. – CravingBiz
  7. “Don’t say you are done pursuing goals when you have not finished yet, it is only when you have finished that you are done; neither do you have to stop when you haven’t gotten to your finish line”. – CravingBiz
  8. “Get angry over things that matters – when you choose to reject the negative energies around you by all means, only then you can gain your freedom; get angry over things that matters; poverty is one of them – It is good to get angry at times but it is better to get angry over things that matters only”. – CravingBiz
  9. “In the process of bargaining with life you reject what doesn’t seem pleasant or acceptable to your soul. When you possess this character you are already walking towards what matters most. Do the needful and ignore the unnecessary”. – CravingBiz
  10. “Get over fear – Fear is the absence of courage and without courage you can’t take a step to success. Fear and success are opposite but interwoven in a way, they both work hand in hand. Just like good and evil or day and night – imagine yourself in a dark room with a candle and a lighter in  separate places, it is only when you find a way to get to the lighter that you can see the candle and only when you find both you can lit up the room. With this illustration we are made to know that it takes courage to overcome fear”. – CravingBiz

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  1. Thanks a lot for this wonderful collection of motivational quotes. I’ll surely try to apply them regularly in my life and considering their relevance I am sure of starting to see amazing results within a very short period of applying them.

  2. Thanks for such an amazing collection of quotes! I am sure anyone who comprehends these quotes well and applies them in their life will reap rich rewards in terms of positive transformation within them and in their lives.

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