If You’re So Smart, Why Then Aren’t You Rich? It Turns Out It Is Just By Chance

Its All By Chance

Have you ever considered this, If you’re so Smart, why then aren’t You Rich? It turns out it is Just by chance, by luck or because you are not the determinant of your very own destiny. At times we are just distracted by the ruckus of life, or let’s suppose all that happens in our lives come to be as a result of constant change or grace. However, to have a better understanding on how it all turns out to be by chance, you need to know your kind of person – The three kinds of people in the world.

Smartness doesn’t mean you are wise or full of knowledge? Being smart does not guarantee you wealth, you may be on the path to getting rich, but the smart attitudes you exhibit is no determinant of it.
Do you often visualize the process of your growth in life or making a difference and standing out among your peers? Do you work so hard on yourself but seem not to get the right results you ever wanted? Are you so much in pain or distress because you couldn’t get it right? And sometimes you try to make things right but it’s doesn’t work out as expected

If you are so smart why are not so rich? it turns it is just by chance cravingbiz.com

Most times, success happens by chance. Not by your effort or hard workCravingBiz

The Fact

The fact remains that all turns out to be luck, grace and chance. Sometimes we foresee a bright future but when we begin to approach the bright future ahead of us, we then realise we have taken the wrong steps, because sometimes our instinct fails us. How does this go?  

Let me sight an instance here: Imagine travelling on an express road on a sunny day, while the car is on the motion. From the cars windscreen, by looking at the object before you from a distance, your observation from afar will cause you to see water on the road but when you get closer and pay a close attention to details, then you will realize your intuition has failed you because that’s just an optical illusion.  You will then question your thoughts if you actually had a clear view of what you earlier saw or it’s just a mere illusion. 

At this point, your intuition failed you, what you seem to picture is just a reflection. They are just illusions. The same scenario happens to us in our personal life, we thought that we are working on the right path but realize at the die minute that we have messed things up. But its is never too late, because life has it unique ways of taking turns. This is the reason why you must not lose sight of your dreams

Remember this verse in the bible ” Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.” – Psalm 127:1 (ESV)

You may think you have done it right but it is all left to nature ( God ) to make final decision or conclusion on whatever you have done.
This very illusion also affects our personal and individual lives, when we thought we had seen it all but it turns out we haven’t seen anything yet. You might have expended your effort during the process of attaining the future you envisioned. 

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