Human Error: How To Overcome Our Mistakes

Human Error And Imperfections

Human as an inconsistent and imperfect being, are bound to making errors or mistakes, due to our limitations and imperfections in life, we fall short of some basic knowledge which affects our day to day activities, such as our reasoning, thinking, actions and reactions to the basic things and needs of life.

Knowledge is of value, only when it is acknowledged by he who receives it; it looks promising only when it is understood by he who values it. – CravingBiz Quote

Human error means that something has been done that was “not intended by the actor; not desired by a set of rules or an external observer; or that led the task or system outside its acceptable limits”. In short, it is a deviation from intention, expectation or desirability.  Logically, human actions can fail to achieve their goal in two different ways: the actions can go as planned, but the plan can be inadequate (leading to mistakes); or, the plan can be satisfactory, However, a mere failure is not an error if there had been no plan to accomplish something in particular. – Source – wikipedia 

As human, most of the mistakes we make in life are things we don’t understand or things we have no knowledge about. Our lack of understanding about some basic things in life has made us gone astray, misleading some into wrong directions, causing us pain we can’t really bear and destruction or hazards beyond repair.

Most times, we think we know, but at the long run, we get to realize we know nothing of what we think we know. Sometimes, this may not be our own fault but as a result of our knowledge or intuition failing us.

How Sensory Organs Fail Us

“I know there’s a proverb which that says ‘To err is human,’ but a human error is nothing to what a computer can do if it tries.” ― Agatha Christie – Source – goodreads 

Due to human imperfections, our sensory organs, such as eye, nose, tongue, ear and skin, which we rely upon, may fail us. Take for instance, our eyes may fail us, when we see a thing at our first glance, but when look closely, we get to realize that what we picture, once seen, is not what it is – We have once given an instance here At this point, where our intuition or knowledge mislead us, life then looks so difficult while all might seems too late for us to turn back to make a fresh start.

Human beings make various mistakes in daily life, such as spilling tea, forgetting to post a letter, and mixing up the time, among others. When such failures affect only personal matters, people just have to be more careful the next time. – Source – westjr

We may think we have lost it all, we may think it is too late. The truth is,  nothing is too late unless you have lost your breath, it is only when you are dead, then you can give up on yourself… This article should motivate you and give you a or more reason why you shouldn’t give in to challenges or give up on yourself.

Till your last breathe, always stay positive, challenges may come to visit, but they haven’t come to stay. – CravingBiz Quote

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