How Discrimination Affects Our Personal Life

Discrimination On Personal Life

In our previous post on discrimination, we discussed about how discrimination affects life. Today, we are focusing our attention to how discrimination affects our personal life. To be realistic, in one way or the other, each-one and everyone of us have once being humiliated in life, i mean that very embarrassing moment, when people choose to look down on you, be it on the basis of class, size, race etc. 
We must be aware that while discussing the psychology of humiliation the issue of discrimination takes a front row. It is has the full tendency to tear down a person’s self-esteem and confidence. Discrimination is so dangerous that it could cause someone to go off track and gradually lose focus in life .

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Humiliation can cause a harmful, physical and mental health issues. It makes you feel low among others, but it does not in any way give you reason to give up on yourself… – Cravingbiz

Effect of Discrimination

The issue of discrimination in our society is deeply rooted in defamation. In a person, humiliation has a long lasting effect than we can ever imagine. It is associated with social rejections and it is okay that we should bear it in mind that people don’t necessarily have to be blamed for their deficiencies or shortcomings in certain areas in the society.

Discrimination on Individual Differences

Although, it is so true that each individual has a certain form of preference which is quite different from that of any other persons’ and basically that is our individual differences. That is what makes us uniquely identifiable. You certainly do not have to be like everyone, you don’t have to do what everyone does.
Most importantly, we should have it in mind that it is not possible for everyone to be alike in nature or character, more so we can’t all possess perfect skills in technical areas (some people are average while some others are exceptional) and that’s what makes us invariably different. However, this stance seems to have been abused by many people over the years.

Taking Advantage of Others

 They try to manipulate and take advantage of some other people. Perchance because they discovered their weaknesses, disabilities or defects and they decided to use that against them.  These set of actions is capable of being ascribed to negative motives because they are discriminative attitudes that is not borne out of good will and they are liable to dehumanise a fellow human.
Among other points associated to people’s individual differences; Sex, age, weight (body size), class status, race and religion are points that  cannot be shut out in the issue of discrimination that we experience  in our present world. Social rejections and discrimination has a negative effect on our personal life and as such, we must put a stop to it.

In conclusion, the truth remains that people will actually look down on you, humiliate you, call you names, reject you. this may cause so many harmful physical and mental health issues, makes you feel low among others, but does not in anyway give you reason to give up on yourself. There is more to life than giving up by working away from your dreams. Discrimination kills the potential one may carry, but you have to always remember  ” Only you can motivate you”.

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