Helping: An Attitude Borne Out Of Empathy Or Sympathy For A Fellow Mankind

The Desire To Help

Helping others out is surely an attitude that flows out of good will. And I believe in a way or the other we have extended a helping hand to people; an attitude which is either borne out of empathy or sympathy for a fellow mankind. It worth the risk, while craving to help yourself or others to success.

Helping hand for  fellow mankind an attituted borne out of empathy

Helping others is a key to achieving inner peace and happiness. –  Jesutofunmi

Generally, there comes a type of unexplainable joy that flows from within us when we help other people in a way or the other.
You may have noticed that too, and that is because by lending out a helping hand, we do not only motivate other people through our good deeds but we are also helping ourselves to derive more happiness in life. What do we gain in helping others.

 What Do I Gain In Helping Others

  • Sometimes, happiness gained through helping people is a psychological state that puts our emotions on balance. There are actually different ways in which we can lend a helping hand to others, it is not only limited to money.
  • We can help people to develop their ideas, gain more insight into life, actualize their goals and aspirations and even to create a stronger community far beyond our immediate circle.
  • Doing positive things for others, surprising people unexpectedly far beyond their reasonable doubt also amounts to helping others.
  • Why not ask your subconscious this rhetoric question “what do I gain from helping others”? When we help people out from a warm heart, we realize portraying our Philantrophic act or generosity doesn’t actually mean that we wanted anything in return.
“When you help someone, they will be more likely to help you. This is the basic, unspoken agreement that fuels nearly every move. I’ll spend my entire day lugging boxes, but you owe me. It’s much easier to find help when someone knows you’d do the same for them.
They may not always live up to their end of the bargain, and you may not either. But if you help enough people and do many good deeds, it will be given back when needed”.  – Lifehack

 “No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank, Diary of Anne Frank

Above all, what we wanted at the end of the day is to fill fulfilled. One of the moral qualities a person can have is to aide others in need, most especially, those who are less privileged.

We can as well derive a well-established trust from the people we have helped out. Some of the people we have even helped when they least deserved it can trust us as far as they could spit.
In Conclusion

Thus, this happens because at the end of the day when they finally make a sober reflection on the wrongs they might have done us in the past, they realized they didn’t merit it.

Helping others is a key to achieving inner peace and happiness. Need I say lending a helping hand to people is equivalent to building a great society for everyone. Let’s ruminate on this.

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