Fake Friends: And How They Mislead

Fake Friends 

True friends are not your enemies friend or ally. They value you for who you are and you respect each other boundaries. True friendship comes with a type of mutual respect, bonding, and understanding one another’s opinion. Even if the other person is wrong, you correct them in a loving way rather than judging or criticising them. Know the kind of friends to keep

In the journey of life, we need to have a better knowledge on the three kinds of people in the world, which was previously discussed. As one grows and evolves the true friends are ready to grow with us they don’t hear gossips about us from other person and start acting on it negatively. That is because true friends are not those who will sidetrack us based on the opinion of other people of us.  


Stay away from fake friends they have not come to stay. – CravingBiz 

The Attributes Of Fake Friends

    1. 1.      In contrast to this aforementioned qualities are the attributes of fake friends. These are the type of people that don’t mind you getting into a ditch. 
      2.      Fake friends generously help you to dig your own grave. That is who they are anyways “snitches”.
      3.      Take note that they will often disappoint you and let you down when you least expected.
      4.      Fake friends are very good when it comes to emotional manipulation and they are readily available to hurt you physically and emotionally at any chance they get.
      5.      They are likely to go along with pretense but as time goes on the mask on their faces will be unveiled. Their true characters will be unveiled if you are sensitive enough to detect them on time before they succeed in eating deep into you.
      6.      Fake friends find it difficult to celebrate us or have our backs rather they back stab us because they are friends of our enemy.

How Fake Friends Mislead

Fake friends are not real; they do not celebrate our greatness nor push us to forge ahead in life. In regard to this, one of the ways in which they can mislead us is they trying to tarnish our potentials. Since they will always have a negative comment and reactions to all that we seem to do or get involved in.
The truest friend’s stands by us whether we are present there or not but the fake ones will always tear us down. Hence, impede our growth in life. This is exactly one of the major reasons why we must detach ourselves from them at any slight opportunity that we get to detect their real nature. One way not to attract fake friends is to not give in to them because they are not valuable and they can hurt and damage us beyond repair.

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