Effects of Self-Humiliation

Humiliation could lead to mental disorder or health illness if proper measures are not taken. The effect of humiliation is so severe that one could lose everything he or she has worked for for years within seconds, minutes or hours.

Generalized anxiety and depression are common among people who have experienced public humiliation and severe forms of humiliation can be crippling, causing a person to abandon his or her interests or stop pursuing goals. –goodtherapy

Its Makes One A Slave in Disguise To Others: When you are humiliated, or the moment you give in to humiliation, at that very point, somehow, you automatically become a slave to he who humiliates you. Being a slave to someone could happen consciously or unconsciously.
You may not notice it at that very moment or instance, but when you take your time you will observe that something keeps telling you that the person who humiliated you deserve some respect, which he or she does not naturally deserve from you. 

How Does Humiliation Take Effect

    Humiliation does not just happen. It’s always a cause and effect act. There must always be a cause and effect to what triggers someone to be humiliated. In the world we are today, it is so obvious that anything can trigger us to be humiliated, which I will categorize into two (2), which are:
  • Material Personalities 
  • Individual personalities
  1. Material Personalities: Such as cars, wealth, riches, houses, fame, properties, assets and many more.
  2. Individual personalities:  Also can force us to being humiliated, such as fame, individual success, goals, dream, wisdom, knowledge, beauty, body structures (both in males and females), self-presentation, dressing, dignity, authority, command for respect, pride, arrogance, ego,  desire and many more.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Humiliated

  • Don’t follow other people’s time or Step: There is a specially designed time for everyone on earth, so don’t be forced to look at others people time of success, sometimes it’s all by chance, grace and not how hard working they are. You may say or ask why you are falling short of grace which the other person has. First, you should ask yourself was it the same time God created you or the person in question? Or can you breathe in and breathe out at the same time? The answer is ‘no’. So if the answer is ‘no’, why not exercise more patience and wait to see what happens now. Don’t focus on the present, focus on the future.
  • Heads Differ From One Another: As the adage says “The destiny the first twin brings to the world isn’t the same with the second”.  Sometimes what you ask may be bad luck to you, while the other is destined to have what they have; and what may look as good luck to you may be bad luck to others, so be careful and mindful of what you ask or desire to have or to be yours,
  • Everything Happens For a Reason: There is always a reason for everything, either good or bad. When the challenges of life hit you hard, all you have to do is to go down on your knee and pray to the one who moulds you.

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