Bridging The Gap Between The Rich And The Poor: A Review On The Nigeria Government

Bridging The Gap 

Previously, we once wrote on a post titled, our voice must be heard, a chronicle on National Youth Service Corps. It sounds like an almost impossible mission but few measures can be taken to bridge these gaps. Therefore, this discussion is centered, to serve as a reference point to fill the exiting gaps.

The human society is made up of three fragments of people. 

The upper, middle and the lower class respectively. There is a saying that goes thus; the rich become richer and the poor becomes poorer. Therefore, to fill this gaps between the three social class status, a lot has to be done.

Basically speaking, it is not only the poor that suffers but the country at large. (Masses) The low standard of living of the people is likely to change if the change begins from you and not only dependency on the government.

The normal standard of living of the people has been flushed down the drain.  Even so now, most of the categories of people in the lower class can no longer afford food and shelter which are the basic primary needs. The poor have been ignored by the government in terms of their pretty basic needs like Education, income and safety across all checks. Many of these category of people who fall in the lower class fragments do not even have a steady income. The poor majority gets affected.
Time is also an important factor to fill the existing gaps between the rich and the poor. At the right point in time, learn to prioritize and do the needful, don’t miss it! The geopolitical entity known as Nigeria today is in dire need of restructuring in terms of finance for the less privileged. Though it is impossible to completely strike a balance between the rich and poor, but few changes is bound to happen and that begins with you. Charity and lots more can be donated to the poor to help better their lifestyle.
Karl max in his theory of political class struggle reveals to us that “when the rich wage war, it is the poor who dies”. This illustration is an example of what we experience in this time and age.
Consider the mismanagement of funds and the poor health care systems in today’s government. The Nigerian health care is relatively weak and lots of lives have been lost due to this. Negligence in the area of health management is nothing to write home about. First aid treatment should at least be given to any sick person or accident victims immediately before and after they are taken to the hospital.

 It is rather unfortunate that most victims rushed to the hospitals with serious cases of accident are rejected, without prior treatment that could help to sustain their lives. At the end of the day, most of this people die before they are transported to other hospitals for treatment. In the light of this, the poor are those who find themselves in such situations. It leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

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