The Three Kinds Of People In The World: A Motivational Guide

Know Your Kind Of Person

We must understand that life has its ways of taking turns. In a game anybody is liable to win. Your class status or race does not impede your journey to success. 

One of the greatest philosophers once said: "There are three kinds of people in the world. First are those who run after fame, some for wealth, while the last ones are the spectators" – This spectators are those who he described as the philosophers.

However, this spectators Socrates called a philosopher, are not people who can’t be famous or wealthy. They are just some reserved sets of people who are of the notion and fatalist belief school of thought. These sets of people believe in the “que sera sera”. Which means - whatever will be will be.
Life is pleasant for those who take their time to understand what it's comprised of. - CravingBiz

At times our achievement in life comes as a result of hard work, struggle and sometimes a mixture of chance, grace and favour. Life is pleasant for those who take their time to understand what it's comprised of. These categories of people are primarily the philosophers. They take their time to conceive possibilities as they run the race of life, and this is why you should never compare your life with others - comparism is a seed to failure.

While some others are running to acquire the material things of life, this set of thinkers look for ways to solve the needs and fundamental problems of the world. To this end, philosophers at times seem quite different from the other sets of people in the world. They seem servilely, but remember to lay a good example to others, also, know the kind of friends you keep good leaders are often submissive. 

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