7 Reasons Why We Must Not Lose Sight Of Our Dreams

Why We Must Never Lose Sight of Who We Are

As individuals, we all desire to achieve great things in life. Everyone of us anticipate a promising future, with a glorious ending. While growing up individually, a lot of us had a mental picture of what we wanted the future to look like. Some of us had a burning passion to become great personalities in whatsoever professions we have chosen. In relations to our previous posts on 12 Life Motivational and the 10 Vision motivational Quote Of The Day. Here, we will be discussing in details on 7 reasons why we must not lose sight of our dreams.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Harriet Tubman 
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In various technical fields such as becoming lawyers, medical doctors, engineers and so on. For some of us we, desire to float our own businesses and become successful business tycoons. However, a good number of us are already giving up on our dreams as we get older. This is as a result of some external factors, ranging from fear to challenges.

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Only you can dream your dreams cravingBiz

When we work on ourselves by fighting back our challenges. It may look tough but when we possess a positive mindset and when you truly realize, ” Giving up is not an option to to success ” – A speech by Missy Elliott . The prolific artist had 12 nominations in one night without receiving none

Nevertheless, it is important that we should not sleep on our dreams and keep the passion within us burning. In the process, we should also have it in mind that starting little has a great reward, and in its uniqueness pays off. However, all these could be fruitful and productive if we understand the top 6 criteria for success.

The desire to succeed is a bell that continuously rings in the heart of almost every man that exists here on planet earth. Everyman Wants to succeed in life. Everyman wants to make headway in business,career,marriage and every good thing one can think of.CravingBiz

Below are 7 reasons why we must not lose sight of our dreams:

  1. Dreams Helps Us to Connect to Our Inner-Self: Focusing on our dreams helps us to connect to our innermost part and derive the strength to keep going, even in the face of challenges.
  2. It Drives Us Forward Positively:  There is a connection between this point and the earlier mentioned point. Connecting with our innermost part, gives us that drive and courage that we needed to scale through challenges and fears.
  3. It Keeps Us Focused:  Dreams helps us to remain focused and gives us a positive outlook of life. Even when negative circumstance rear its ugly head, our dreams help us to remain focused and keeps us on the positive edge.
  4. Our Dreams Come to Realization:  When we desire to actualize our dreams, we tend to set our priorities right. We make strategic plans that will aid the realization of these dreams. This ultimately helps us to gradually turn our dreams into reality.
  5.  It Helps Us to Set Goals: Planning towards the realization of our dreams, helps us to set right goals and ensures that we take drastic steps that moves us closer to the realization of our dreams.
  6. It Helps Us to Be Creative: Dreams renders us creative and gives us a good manner of approach to life. This ultimately enhances our level of creativity.
  7. It Helps Us to Grow:  Having broad dreams and working towards actualizing them helps us to expand our horizon. The reason for this is not far-fetched and the end result of it is growth.
“No one can make your dreams come true but you” – CravingBiz

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