7 Effects Of Mood Swings In Relationships: Motivational Guide

Mood Swings In A Relationship

On our previous post, we discuss about the successful ways to prevail over mood swings. Today, our focus will be shifted to the effects or unpleasant effects of Mood swings in a relationship.

In the world we are today, it is so shocking that so many relationship has been broken or damaged due to so many factors which  mood swing is one of the top effect, leading to a broken homes or courtship/relationship.

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To overcome mood swings, is to admit you have oneCravingBiz

Mood swings are rapid and often extreme, fluctuations in one’s emotional state, involving alternating between feelings of happiness and well-being and feelings of anger, irritability, or depression. – verywellmind

Effects Of Mood Swings In A Relationship

  1. Physically Or Emotionally Abusive – mood swing can render a person, better said, your partner abusive if proper care is not taken. With this your safety is at risk. Considering a situation where they tried to talk to you, but you are lost entirely in another world. They might feel insulted and have it in mind that you do not respect their opinions enough. This may piss either of the partner off and stir them to anger at a point.
  2. Hurt The Relationship – At the long run, severe mood swing puts relationships in jeopardy. Moods can be contagious sometimes. At this point you will find yourself creating space between you and the said person (your partner). The whole of the good moments you ever had and shared is gradually fading away. And in the end of it all, there might be nothing else to pick but to walk away from such toxicity.
  3. Emotional Damage – When mood swings persist in a relationship, it often threatens and toy with the duo feelings, emotions and as such, it puts the partners on a high risk of break up or divorce if married.
  4. Lack Of Trust – As mood swing is liable to kill a relationship, its adverse effect begins with trust, which is the basic tenet that binds the relationship between you and your partner in the first place. This is so because your partner might give a wrong interpretation of what shifts your mood and constantly as this happens, insecurities sets in, the trust they have for you gradually diminish and the relationship begins to assume a different shape then pull apart. At times, this is accompanied with jealousy and lack of intimacy.
  5. Unproductive Conversations – Between both partners, mood swing can result into unproductive and fruitless conversations on topical issues of concern. When they try to talk things out with you but one of the individual involved is totally not getting it as a result of the shift in their mood.
  6. Unresolved conflicts– Mood swing might lead to an unresolved conflict between you and your partner. Consider a scenario where your partner have had a wrong day whether at work place or else where and all they needed from you, is your sympathy and words of encouragement at the moment. Their situation might trigger them to start misbehaving, and because they cannot communicate nor express their feelings properly, you are unable to feel their pain, then you start to read meaning to things and conclude that they are no longer interested in you.
  7. Emotional disconnection – Severe mood swing makes you emotionally separated from your partner. And as such, you can’t even help them to see a doctor to solve their problems because you both are emotionally detached.

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