15 Reality Motivational Quotes For The Day

1.        Reality Motivational Quotes 

1.       It is only when you make mistakes you can clearly view the reality. It only when you walk through life, you will realize the journey isn’t too far. It is only when you let out your voice that you will be heard.  It is only when you fall that you can rise. Falling entails getting back on your feet.   

2.       You don’t win without a fight. 

3.       Knowledge is power and power is useless if you possess it and do not recognize it. 

4.       The bitter truth is, sometimes you will be toss throw from one person to another before setting your ladder straight. However, getting it straight doesn’t mean you have gotten it right.

5.       Keep striving to attain a great height, it’s just a matter of time.

6.       To get noticed, you don’t have to put up a show to look outstanding.

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7.       With hard work, determination, consistency and prayer, all will be settled. 

 8.       The more you search for perfection in a relationship, the more you kill the relationship.

9.       Never forget this, I tell you, relationship can’t be perfect but can only be balanced.

10.   There is only one concept we must be aware of, that alone is perfection and that is the sovereignty of God.

11.   “If there is an inferno in a building and you couldn’t make it to save everyone the memory of it hurt you for a while and as time goes on you get over it. 

12.   You cannot become a hero by fighting a war you do not understand.

13.   Though staying strong isn’t always easy.

14.   Be diligent in your pursuits not minding how difficult it seems, it makes you stronger so when you eventually overcome people see the result of your hard work.

15.   As Tatiana said and I quote: “Nobody hates the War than he who wants to fight it”

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