10 Criteria Of A True Leader And It Followers

A True Leader

“True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve. It is not about exalting themselves but about lifting others up.” –Sherry Dew

Criteria of a True leader cravingbiz.com

  • First principle to become a good leader is to be a slave to others.
  • Can a warrior feed himself alone while the other soldiers aren’t fed?
  • Sacrifice is the key to success. Sacrifice makes a good leader win a battle, not Ego.
  • A true leader plan for the rest before himself.

True leaders understand that it is a mistake to be too soft, just as it is a mistake to be too harsh.
True leaders don’t control their people, they inspire them to do great things. They give them the values and rules, which set the boundaries to operate within. Then they encourage people to go out and make choices on their own. – Source –Forbes

A True Follower
  • They are the power engine behind the wheel
  • Without followers, there can’t be a leader
  • Can water boil without heat or can water freeze without cold?
  • The motivation of a leader is his followers
  • A follower is to be duly respected by it leader; If the power house is broken what can the engineers do?
  • A leader cannot speak for him/her self, the follower does.

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