Your Good and Bad Actions Count: Friday Motivational

We have come to the end of another week, a stressful week I guess? Be it stressful or stress-free, knowing that you are alive to see to the end of it (Friday), is enough to give thanks to God, this is what matters most.

Your Achievements
Now that the week is come to an end, why not ask yourself these cogent questions. What have I done positively this week?  Any achievement so far?  Am I fulfilled? Have I led it right?
What Have I Achieved At The End Of This Week?
Do you know there are tens of hundreds of people who look up to you? Oh yes! most of this people will never make it obvious, you might be oblivion of this, but believe me they are following you like an idol. They monitor and study every step you take, and some could value you more than they value their parents. Some of this people may even go extra miles for you, to the extent of sacrificing their lives for you. Polly, you are confused of this shocking revelation? Or probably it got you thinking? The fact remains  that these people are real and at the very moment you read this write-up, they watch and still look up to you.
Funny enough, these sets of people know you in and out. Peradventure they see you as a mentor and have taken their time to study your personality. You can’t know them all because, only few of this people make themselves visible. if you are lucky and sensitive enough you will get to know them.
These people are very unpredictable. They act strange on seeing what you do or most characters you exhibit. Often times, they take their time to watch your moves.

  • Though they hardly comment on your achievements,
  •  while the other ones (those who make themselves noticeable) comment.
  • They are usually friends at a distance
  • Some of this people don’t have the idea of how to get close to or relate with you.
What Legacy Are You Laying Down?
Now that you know there are people who watch, monitor and learn from you. This people may have been watching you for years, taking note of everything you do, applying it (your steps) to their own ways of life. To further stress it, the question you should ask yourself is, “what legacy or footsteps have I laid down” ?
Your Good and Bad Actions Count
It is so true that we are in a world full of corruptible activities, a world where most people do anything to survive, a world full of evil machinations, ideas and actions. Yes, it is true in the world we live in, so many unspeakable things happens which are uncalled for. But, does it mean we should follow the evil trends of the world? In this stead, can’t we just try to put some responsibilities upon ourselves by doing our best to stand out? I know some people will say one person’s effort doesn’t count in a world with over 7,000,000,000 people in population. But let me tell you, nothing counts more than starting with a little beginning. Having  a positive mindset of your own, believing you can achieve more out of nothing is what makes the world what it is today.  Looking around you, look back at the developments in the world between now and some centuries ago. The massive changes and impart the world sees now did not evolve at once. The people such as Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and more, who made a conscious  effort to set technology in order all started small; with a positive mindset and attitude to make a difference for a better world, those people are humans just  like you and I. some are not even as privileged as we are, yet, they took it (responsibility) upon themselves to make a difference, why should we do otherwise? <<< Previous Page

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