You Can’t spell FAME without ME: Friday Motivational

The Fame is In You

Just as you can’t spell “woman” without “man”, such is applied to spelling the word “fame” without “me”.  Who is the ME? The Me is you. How?

 Every man is entitled to the good riches of life in which fame is no exception, with the analogy; you can be famous with no iota of stress, only if you understand the logic to famousness. Anyone can be in the limelight if they take their time to understand the criteria for success.

Just as you can’t spell woman without man, so as you can’t spell fame without me. The fame is in you, discover it

Just as you can’t spell woman without man, so as you can’t spell fame without me. The fame is in you, discover it

Although, life is full of oppositions amidst ups and downs, however, the right attitude and believes towards a meaningful lifestyle is what makes a big difference. Do you know the good thing about fame? It doesn’t care about your status, your level nor class, it’s not mindful of the challenges you go through, whether it has being physical or mental (challenge), it cares less about your financial capabilities (rich or poor). Fame is not particular about these things. What it cares about is how you take positive advantage of life.

Take maximum advantage of what life gives you; No matter how little it may be, you can get to be the next world famous.  Discover what you are good at, realise your potentials and break loose the shortcomings – life has its ways of working things out for every man according to his capacities. Life gave its fair share, so taking a good advantage and meaningful use of these things which life gives you is the crucial and most important part of getting to be famous.

What You Need To Know

Your role in life and the directions you take must be properly understood by you. You must also avoid taking the wrong steps, because some people miss the good side of life only because they didn’t understand the purpose for which they live; they failed to realize the essence of their existence. Some even miss it because they give up easily. Being full of pride, not being submissive, lack of respect and failure to learn new things are some of the factors you should put to notice.

As we step into the last day of the week (Friday), we should have the mindset and believe, that we can be whatever we want to become, we should also know that every step and struggles we take is significantyour good and bad actions count. So you decide for yourself to making up your mind on which direction you want to go or which step you want to take.

For every man, it is either you take a step forward, backward or remain stagnant. Therefore, it is your decision and in your best interest to make up your mind on which direction you want to go or take. Every positive struggle is worthwhile, and be mindful of the things you do. Your actions and reactions too matters, because there are people who look up to you.

You may not be aware of their identity, but they, know you. Notwithstanding, there are people who also watch your steps, they are your helpers. One of the reasons why they haven’t come to your aid could be because you haven’t shown them what you are fully capable of. So keep fighting, keep pressing hard until you make the difference.

Enjoy the week and Above all give thanks to your creator.

Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF)

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