Why You Should Never Compare Your Life To Others

Comparism: A Seed To Failure

Comparing your life to that of others can rob you of the opportunities and greater glory ahead. Everyone have their own lives to live, and one of the best legacies you can give to yourself is to stop engaging in the game of comparism. 

Put an end to it, it is risky. It is one thing that can hinder you from forging ahead or actualizing your dreams. Often times our expectations got let down, stuffs that we don’t plan for comes to intrude in our world of reality and it shatters our hope in some ways, but this isn’t a reason enough to compare your success to that of others around you. Never live in the shadow of anyone. Motivate yourself, Keep pushing and let your positive accounts speak on your behalf, and drive you to success.
 If you are not careful enough, when you compare your success to that of others, it has the tendency to lead you to hate and despise for your neighbor. Be in your own skin and do your thing in a way that seem right and worthy of acknowledgment. Believe in yourself; Be consistent in what you do. Don’t procrastinate.
The world we live in isn’t a bed of roses; we are bound to face one or two difficulties in life. As we grow, we will gradually come to realize who we are, what we are made of , what we are capable of, our gift and talent. The kind of circle or pear group we should belong to. There is one more important thing to note, every man is designed and destined to be who he would be, be it by accident, by chance or hard work.

Comparism is the seed to failure, don’t let it grow – CravingBiz

 Flipping through the pages of life, you will observe that many accounts of success stories that you have heard or read of did not just come to being overnight, they knew the power in startingsmall with a little beginning. Sometimes it’s better you be overly cautious and don’t be too carried away or petrified by some lofty and high impressions your friends give of themselves on social media, using their smart phones as an advantage.

 It is the media world and certainly it might end there. Lot of times there are lot of facade and fantasized portrait of what life really is by people over there (the social media world). Presented show businesses acted out by doing the irrelevant just to give the people what they want.

 A bid to focus on your own self development and personal growth, you get distracted just by focusing on others rather than yourself. No one can hurt you without your permission, but you. You only control one life, and that is yours.

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