Why It Is Never Too Late: Life Take Turns

Its Never Too Late

As some says, “A fool at forty is a fool forever”, this saying isn’t actually true, only if you choose to concur. The only way not to accept this statement is choosing to give your life a different meaning. It is never too late to make a difference.

How Life Take Turns

Life as we are aware of has a way of taking turns. For certain, the creator of the universe is a great architecture, the greatest designer of all –
According to St Thomas Aquinas Fourth Argument in prove of God existence – The argument from perfection.

Every trait we see, in every object, is compared to some standard: health, morality, strength, and so forth. The fact that we instinctively see degrees in these areas implies that there is some ultimate standard against which to judge that property. And all comparative properties share a common sense of “perfection.” This means there must be some ultimate standard of “perfection” from which to judge all other properties; those objects cannot be the source or definition of that property in and of themselves.
In other words, Aquinas’s fourth argument in favor of God’s existence points out that, in order to speak of “goodness” or “power,” we must have an absolute standard against which to judge those terms; there must be some other thing from which they ultimately derive that characteristic: God, the Ultimate Standard.–  source- gotquestions 

He is all knowing, neither does he miscalculate. You may have given up on yourself but the world hasn’t given up on you yet. The world still sort for more of your kind. Why then must you give up when the universe awaits your glory?

Did you know the world we live in is a synchronized world? Whatever you see today, you may not see tomorrow. Do you also know that what you know today may become outdated in the next minute? Hope you also know your loved ones today may be gone tomorrow? If you know all these things, then; well and good for you. 

That shows that you are closer to being successful in what you do. Supposing you don’t know before, now you know that you are one step away from failure.
Since life takes turn on, and  synchronize everything on earth, then logically life picks at random  who is next to be successful. Sometimes, our hard work does not really count, it’s just a plus, an additional bounce to what we are about to achieve in life.

Cravingbiz motivational Quote

 Its is never too late, if there is a way to survive, there is a way to live, if there is a way to live, there is a way to succeed. – CravingBiz


Don’t Give Up Now

Perhaps you are at a stage where you are completely clueless as to which way to sail your boat, or you have been over shadowed by the endless struggles and challenges of life. You know what you face at the moment and you wish to get yourself out of the mess you have put yourself into. Don’t giving up, learn how to fight back at your challenges; we at Cravingbiz have prepared some motivational guide for your spirit uplifting. You can read on the 12 Life Motivational quotes, – 10 Vision Motivational quotes, perhaps, you need more understanding on success? You can check out the Top 6 criteria for success. These are my word of hope to strengthen you. So far you are alive and still breathing; it is not over until it is over!

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