Technology Made Everything Easy: Yet A Threat To Humanity

Imagine a world full of machines, when I say machines, I don’t mean sowing machine or grinding machines. I mean a world full of (AI) Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. – according to Google Dictionary

Here I will define artificial intelligence in a simple definition to you.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a simple definition is the total collections of all human knowledge into a machine, packaged and programmed as data as to function as a human. 

Do you know that all the information you know and which you have acquired or gained are not total secure? Especially the ones you thought it’s most secured, those ones you keep online with the thought of it being protected from other people to spying on. Yes, those very ones you saved on the internet.

Perhaps you think your sensitive chat and information are protected by the online companies terms and policies. Hum, well there is bad news and also there is good news.

The bad news is that most of the information is not safe or protected, some are just flying around the Internet as you read. However, little may be lucky to be in safe hands. The good news is, the only information you can guarantee to be safe and secure are the ones in your head, the ones you haven’t search or save to the internet, be it any social media platforms.

Why Are The Information Collected

Our information is collected for so many reasons and purposes. I will only highlight two of the reasons why our information is being collected and used.
The major reason why this information is collected is to make our work easier with less stress and little hard work. Everyone wants to live a luxurious life, a life made easy. No stress, less thinking, less cracking of brains and many more.

For example, if you are one who takes advantage of smartphones, when you use some keyboards on your phone for a while you will notice, the keyboard will start to bring words options which are known as auto-correct. When you install the keyboard on your smartphone, at first installation your data or information is not completely saved on the keyboard because you have not input your information on them. 

But as soon as you start typing, the keyboard synchronizes your information or data which it process and then send back to you as it’s own information.  At this point, you as a human has taken your own hand to activate and program a machine into an Artificial Intelligence (AI). In relation with the simple definition I gave above AI –  The total collections of all human knowledge into a machine, packaged and programmed as data as to function as a human.

Technology Made Everything Easy But Yet A Threats To Humanity

Now imagine a world full of this kind of machine that can do much better than a human in terms of accuracy, speed consistency and many more. A world where the human comes face to face with robots to doing business together. 
A world where the human positions are replaced with Artificial Intelligence for the purpose of effectiveness, consistency, speed and accuracy. A world where a middle class or average human being are being denied of their rights.
Let take for instance, imagine you work into a bank, the cashier who is to attend to you is a robot an Artificial Intelligence. How would your mode of communication look like?  Or you visit a hospital, for your wife’s delivery, on getting to the hospital, the doctor who is to attend to you or your wife is a robot an (AI), will you allow a robot to take delivery of your baby?
Perhaps, you get to a supermarket where you often get your items with the mindset of meeting the woman, the attendant, who do welcome you warmly with cheerfulness but soon as you step into the supermarket you realize the poor woman has been sacked from work and was replaced with a robot an Artificial Intelligence.

Technology Made Life Easy 

It is true that technology has revolutionised the world from its primitive state to a civilized world. We do not have to also deny the fact that technology made us who we are today, with the help of inventions from people who were critical thinkers with positive ideology about life believing in the ideology of starting from a little beginning, some are a logical thinker whos aim are to let people understand how they out to go about life and living up to expectations with the use of knowledge to know the criteria for success and many more.

However, knowing the good effect of science and technology, the efficiency and development it has to bring into the world. Yet it possesses a more dangerous effect upon human which comes as a threat to human and the world. Read on How climate change threatens human health

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