Reasons Why You Should Take More Advantage Of Smart Phones

How Useful Is Your Smart phones

The usefulness of smart phones or the internet is more than you think. We have come to an era in which almost everything is done through the means of the Internet.

 We all need to keep upgrading ourselves not only with the use of smartphones but almost anything that could connect us to the Internet, in relation to the advancement in technology, read on how to change our world with the effective us of the brain

There was once a time when communication was limited, and information was gold; so hard to get. A time when sourcing for information means a lot to humans. Especially to those who need it most in the civilized world. 
Information was and still the key to many problems of humanity. Especially in the era of world war I and II. At that time, if you are not informed it means you are deformed as they say. Everyone relies on information to get the latest update of what is happening around the world, where it is happening and how it is happening. 


From the early days of mankind stood as the breath of life. It is that which man can not resist for a moment. 
However, before we talk about the means of communication, it will be of great importance to define what it is. 

What is communication

Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. – Google dictionary
In a nutshell, communication is an act of exchanging information between two persons or more.

Means of communication 

The means by which we communicate are numerous but we will list a few. Means of communications varies from year to year. As the world advances so do the means of communication. 
Here are some means of communication: 
Speaking was the first means of communication. Thereafter, the writing method came into existence, with signs, symbols, crafting, drawing, sound and many more.

Communication transmit information 

Since communication is a way or means of passing and exchanging information from one person to another with the aim of sharing ideas, knowledge and skills, then, we can boldly say communication transmit information. How? By breaking or decoding raw information such as languages into simple knowledge in which other people can understand.

What is information 

Information is facts provided or learned about something or someone. – According to Google Dictionary

Means of getting Information.
Information can be sourced or gotten by different means such as: through
– Internet, 
– Radio wave, 
– Newspapers and so on.

The Importance of Smartphone

The one we are focusing on today is the Internet.
The Internet is the most modern and the most popular way of getting information. There are mean on how we can get information from the internet such as the Computer and the smartphones.

To get updated with the world, information through the Internet is the most efficient, reliable and effective way to not be left behind or left off.
Today we will mainly discuss the usefulness and benefits of a smart phone.
The smartphone is a minicomputer, a device used in the modern world for communicating, with the aim of sending and receiving information. 

What Are The Usefulness Of a Smart Phone

A smartphone carries a lot of uses which are numerous to mention. Nevertheless, the major responsibility of a smartphone is to receive, process and to send information to either the receiver or the sender.

Ways To Pass Information on a Smartphone.

The most prominent way to pass information across the receiver or the sender is through the use of the internet. On a smartphone, there are means in which information can be reached or sourced such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Medium and many more. However, there are search engines which one can ask all sort of questions and get answers to. These search engines are loaded and programmed with information from

 ages past to this present moment you are reading this article. The information are always up to date. Some of the search engines are: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia and many more. 

Benefit or Advantages of Cell/Smartphone

Most information are free but it is so sad that most people can not make or utilize the most part of the internet.
Some time ago, I came across this question on a chat. 
He said, “what else can I use my phone to do apart from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter?” 
Technology has gone so wide that one can learn almost anything on the internet, there you will get to meet the good, bad and the ugly. At this point, you will then decide to choose which part you want to follow, maybe the good, bad or the ugly as mentioned above. All this part comes with a good advantage if one can really take good advantage of them. 
To users who need to know the benefits of a smartphone, here are some. 
While some people use their phones to do business, market a product or sell products from their comfort zone without owning a shop, other venture most of their time in learning the basics of a new language with Duolingo app on playstore on android devices or one can go further by increasing the mindfulness by reading from Quora and Medium, or one can increase his or her IQ level by doing tasks visit

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