How To Use The Power Of The Brain To Change The World

Making The World A Better Place

      The world has been so polluted and corrupt that people find it hard to live a good life. Many people who are affected are passion to influence the world positively do not know how to change the world using the power of the brain.

Performance  Of The Brain

Underneath the skull is the brain. The brain contains 100,000 billion connections and also consists of 100 billion cells, and each one of the cells connects to 1,000 other brain cells making a sum up of a total of 100,000 billion connections. The cells in the brain also contain 1000 trillion molecules which human may not be able to put together or to calculate. It is so fast and accurate that it can process 30 billion bytes of information in a second.
How to use the power of the brain


Naturally or by norms, many people came up with a superstitious belief or myth as I may call it, that make us think we are only as intelligent as our measured Intelligence Quotient (IQ), which is not the truth. It all depends on how you use your brain.

Using The Power Of The Brain

Our brain, the primary functioning part of human existence is what makes the difference between human and animals. It’s a small pack underneath the skull. It functions are what makes the world what it is today. Looking at the structures, functions, shapes, sizes, inventions, discoveries, developments, in the aspect of location or geographical region, the continent, country, state, and the individuals, all are done with the use of the power of the brain.
It is the techniques, the strategy, the application of thoughts, ideas and positive and negative reasoning, the use of logic, the study and practice of religion, the theories of knowledge either of philosophy or science combined with individual believes and understanding install into the society through norms, myths, culture, tradition, religion. All these made us up to become who we are, creating our individual perception of the world, creating the difference in individual personalities in the human race.
The power of the brain


According to David Oyedepo in an inspirational video by grace digital, he said “
I met a friend in Israel and in our discussion, he mentioned something.
He said, “here we do not have gold, we do not have a diamond”, he said, “our resources is within the skull. Our most valuable resources are underneath the skull”.
It was a casual discussion but left me thinking of what is underneath my skull that could turn a desert into fertile land, that could turn a desert nation into a food exporting nation. He said the answer is underneath the skull. Many of the poor nations are endowed with unbelievable mineral resources underneath the earth crust yet it hasn’t changed their life in anyway.
 The amount of diamond in some nations in Africa is staggering yet one of them has no main grid that is for the power supply but intellectual resources are the principal asset of any society of people.David Oyedepo
So many of the well-developed countries understand the criteria for success, that is why they flourish while others lack behind. Maximizing positively the use of what you have or got around you is called contentment. Only people who are contented with what they have and yet maximizing the resources are prompt to succeed in life
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