Inferiority Complex Summary: A Motivational Guide

What is Inferiority Complex, Who And How Does it Affect? 

Certainly it is not a good thing to start with; the feelings that you are more inferior to others in certain aspects of your life. Having the motives and conclusion that some other people will outshine you or perform better than you do in whatever you venture into is really an unhealthy step for you to take in life. This will draw us to discussing a very interesting topic that should arouse your opinion.

What Is Inferiority Complex?

an unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy caused by actual or supposed inferiority in one sphere, sometimes marked by aggressive behaviour in compensation. – According to Google definition 

An inferiority complex consists of feelings of not measuring up to standards, a doubt and uncertainty about oneself, and a lack of self-esteem. It is often subconscious and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or extremely asocial behavior. In modern literature, the preferred terminology is “lack of covert self-esteem – Wikpedia 

Cravingbiz quote on Inferiority Complex

That mindset, that make you settle for less, is called Inferiority Complex – Cravingbiz Quote


As its name implies, inferiority complex goes a way beyond the normal inferiority an individual may feel at some particular points in their lives. It is such a serious feeling of inadequacy that stems out of low self-esteem. It sometimes makes an individual to question how real they are in certain aspects of their lives, as to if they  are actually getting things done perfectly as some other people does it. 

How Does Inferiority Complex Affect Our Lives?

In sensitive situations when you find yourself in the midst of those who knows better than you do. At this point you feel locked out of the world due to the feelings that they are superior to you because you do not meet up to their standards and expectations of you. Then you begin to wonder how such people get things done perfectly and the reason why you can’t do otherwise.

Inferiority complex is an unhealthy feeling that causes an Individual to lag behind. In places or situations where you ought to make yourself prominent or noticeable you find yourself often lagging behind. That is what inferiority complex is capable of doing.

Inferiority Complex Symptoms

 To an excessive degree, inferiority complex is the reason why you find yourself often fading out of the background world. Never make a resignation to being inferior to others in whatever you do. Deterge yourself from such an unhealthy feeling. Without a reasonable doubt inferiority complex triggers anxiety in us and kills our self-confidence. 

In times past so many tables have being shattered and destroyed due to our unhealthy feeling of someone being superior to us. Probably, you have being overly critical of yourself before or even up until now, psychology says it is not a healthy step to take.

According to thrivetalk – Inferiority Complex Symptoms are :  

Social withdrawal Fault finding Performance AnxietyCraving for AttentionIncreased SensitivityEasily Feeling Disrespected
          Source –thrivetalk   

Who Does Inferiority Complex Affect?

Well it might seem like a shocking revelation to you. Nonetheless, it is not far-fetched that at certain junctions in life, everyone has felt a tinge of feeling inferior to some others due to the fact that we fear rejection or to think of the idea of getting disappointed. It is definitely not possible that you will be equal to everyone. (in position, status or any other stuff).

However, let note that feeling of inferiority graduate to inferiority complex because it is not healthy for your general well-being. It causes the inability to overcome failure because you are timid enough not to stand up for yourself.
On our next post on Inferiority Complex, we shall be discussing on (How to Overcome Inferiority Complex)

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