Monday Fever May Ruin Your Day: Know How To Overcome It

What Is Monday Fever

Do you have this feeling of haste every morning when you wake up, most especially on Mondays being the first day of the week? That feeling that programs you to wake up as early as possible to prepare for work? In respect to these feelings, of how stressful the day could be is what is called Monday fever. Giving you a restless mind with the motive to get the work for the day done quickly. Perhaps, it is a matter that calls for haste and speed must answer it. All you need is a motivational guide to starting the new week in a bright hope and ecstasy.
Monday  as it is, is generally  believed to be a very stressful day, being the first day of the week, and some people have the notion that if Monday is successful then the rest of the week would be successful as well. Meanwhile, while some are of this thought belief system , others are of the fatalist school of thought with the belief that “what will be will be”.That is , Monday being successful does not bring to the fact that the rest of the week will or could be likewise successful.

What is Monday Phobia

However, some people have this phobia for Monday, a feeling which can be somewhat compared to fever.  Its obvious symptoms are discomfort, fear, disturbance, disorderliness, lack of concentration, panic, nagging and many more. These are some of the effects of Monday fever. Sometimes this feelings come to be, as a result of the fear of punctuality. (especially when you are a notorious late comer) Or   having a strict or principled boss at your work place.
in every challenge comes an opportunity

in every challenge comes an opportunity

Solutions To How To Overcome Monday Fever

If you are currently facing  any of the aforementioned challenges, look no further, because you are in the right place to solve the problems. One thing you should always have in mind is that “nothing good comes easy” as the common adage posits. Yes! Nothing worthwhile ever is. In the space of this challenges, you need to understand this, “in every challenge comes an opportunity” There is always an opportunity in every challenge if you can use your time wisely and take good advantage of those opportunities.
This simple but informative guide to start a new week is the right path to lead you on the road to making Monday and the rest of the week meaningful. Monday vibes  is a good thing to start with, possibly it will motivate you to start the first day of the week cheerfully.
However, we also have to keep it in mind that  in whichever way life chooses to treat us whether (good or bad), we have to, at every point in time be grateful and above all give thanks to God during the week and as we approach its last day.(Friday). <<< Previous Pages on Monday Motivation

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