How Past Life Affects Our Future

Past Experiences in Life

To project into the future, it is important that you snatch your bad past away from your present life. Although it has been widely cliched by many people that you should forget your past in order to move forward to the future. 

However, it is worthy of note to know that this statement is partly true, because a lot of positive experiences have been recounted (in human lives) in the past, and it is definite that not all of our experiences of old are borne out of negativity. How then is it possible to forget such a beautiful past to view a better picture of the future? We should only leave behind the baggage of the past, because it is not counted good enough to be proud of. 

Moreover, do you know you can be the architect of your own doom, if you do not do what is right at the right moment? Notwithstanding, some terrible circumstances could arise, that we may not plan for, but still occur anyway. This could dampen many people’s hope for a clearer future. You should be rest assured that, it is not the very end of life. 

Failure shouldn’t and should never be an option neither a resort when you understand the criteria for success. Hopelessness is a dead end on its own, not necessarily physical death. There has to be a constant reminder to ourselves before doing anything positive, that we can, we will, and we must. This is a very powerful antidote to the human mind. 

See a future in you and do not resign the will onto discouragement”.

At times, we may lose focus, perambulated with the hope of reaching the peak; but seems nothing is working out. However, perhaps, with the mindset of starting small in lifefor a bigger and better future we can reach our peak.
 There lies a great hope in the nearest future and that’s if the spirit within you is resilient enough to keep fighting.

What The Future Holds

Your future is in your hands, guide it well. Don’t be influenced by the people around you, the society you live in, pear groups, material or flashy things that are not necessary or less important. Set your mind on things that really matters to you. Ignore friends that may or will not be of help to you, learn to know the kind of friends to keep, don’t procrastinateprocrastination is a deadly disease, powerful to hinder one from succeeding in life, and also learn to be contented with what you have, contentment helps to a successful life . Always try to take advantage of opportunities

Learn to make a positiveimpact or difference by all means you got, change your world positively with the powerful use of the brain, and no matter what the challenges maybe, always staypositive and approach every problem with laughter. Lastly, be motivated, read motivational books and inspirational articles to lifting your spirit.

 Remember, “Nobody can motivate you more, than yourself”.

“Though the world is crazy enough, but it is your job to take care of your sanity”.

Recognize yourself, know your potential and be fully you.

     “Only in the embrace of darkness can the light truly illuminate”. So, brace up and go on.

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