Friday Motivational (TGIS): Above All Give Thanks

Now, Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF), the weekend.

Really had a stressful week? 

Be positive at all times 
During the week, So many things may be of mental disturbance to you within the weekdays, which you have no one to share your thoughts or challenges with, read on ways to how to overcome challenges. It’s normal, we are all human and we face different kind of challenges in life. 
However, the right mindset and attitude towards every challenges make things better, how about facing your challenges directly with laughter as a way of telling your problems, ’don’t worry, I got you’.
One secret fact about how to confront life challenges with laughing is that it confuses the oppressor or the challenger. It doesn’t let them know or understand what your next move is or might be, it gets them thinking of what is actually going on in your mind.

Focusing on the positive possibilities

Life is full of good, bad and the ugly moments, these are the road that leads to one’s success in life, getting to know the criteria for success. One must pass through each one. Focusing on the positive possibilities and knowing the ways to overcome obstacles in life is a way of saying ”don’t worry, everything is going to be alright”. This word is meant for you or you say it to somebody else who may be in distress.

Above All Give Thanks

So far you believe that there is a creator who superseded’s every other creator or creation, in so far you know Him as your supreme being. Knowing for certain the challenges you face and the situation you are in, which you know He is the one who can solve all your problems no matter how big or challenging it is or may be. 
All you have to do is to keep trusting in Him. Tell Him, ”thank you for everything”. For life, for food, for the legs, for no legs, for the eye, for the blindness or the good and for the bad things you may have encountered in life. 
As the week comes to an end, enjoy the best weekend with praises and thankfulness to God who made you see the day. Next Page >>>

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