How To Know The Kind Of Friends To Keep

Friendship at What Cost?

What Kind of Friends Do You Keep.
Someone once said  “It is okay to choose your friends wisely.” Sounds simple, right?
However, as the case may be for a large number of people, this statement is better said than done. To what am I driving at? I will say trust is one of the most vital keys to keep the good going in any relationship whatsoever,  
But it is rather unfortunate that in the manner of friendships people keep nowadays the reverse is the case. I can simply put it that at some sensitive point in man’s life, it sometimes turns out that some of those ones that appeared to be your true friends might actually be “A devil in a cloak”. however, you may need a positive understanding towards life

Though they may seem like an angel during the early stages of your friendship, but as you go by and by, there are peculiar signs they are likely to show. Take note of these. This will set you on a track that creates space between you and them. whenever you face this kind of challenges in life, welcome it with laughter, learn how to control or overcome challenges with laughter.
Howbeit, these types of people are the ones that turn the table against you at the point where they are needed the most. Rather than being found useful, you become a prey and victim to their evil ploys. They can as well commit all manners of atrocity right behind your back (back stabbing blood sucking leeches) or even before you.

   Certainly There Are Ways To Detect Such Toxic Friends Around:

  • They tend to have a propensity for only negative discussions on topical issues.

  • They do have a disposition to do evil

  • They often exhibit bad tendencies and character traits.

 Aristotle Mentioned That There Are Three Types Of Friendship

  1. Friendship of utility Due to benefits each bring to the table.
  2. Friendship of pleasures– Finding each other because of the enjoyment it brings.
  3. Friendship of good -respect and appreciation for one another; recognizing one another’s greatness.
The first two types of friendship are easily broken.
It is most imperative that we be a good example to the Society, whether we are on the negative or positive side of the world. No matter how we try to deny it, the friends we keep have ways to influence us.
Now it is right to take it as a job upon yourself, to pick out the pebbles from the precious stones when selecting your friends. They can make or mar you.

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