12 Life Motivational Quotes For The Day

To work it out is to make things right. To make things right, you have to work it out – CravingBiz

Having zero worries is the right attitude to kick start your day. –  CravingBiz

If you want to know how successful you can become, first picture your life. –  CravingBiz

You will never get t your dream if you keep hoping. Until you take a step, you fill the gap.–  CravingBiz

At the centre of a war is peace.–  CravingBiz

You only make things right, when you do things right.–  CravingBiz

You don’t lobby for success, you work for it.–  CravingBiz

It is not everything you see you react to, sometimes, you just need to act as if you never see it coming.–  CravingBiz

Don’t stop when you are not done. Stop when you have finished.–  CravingBiz

The toughest war to fight  are the thoughts in your mind.–  CravingBiz

When you fall, you don’t crumble, its only when you crumble you fall.–  CravingBiz

Never forget, great people once go hungry. Perseverance and consistency are the keys. Keep fighting until you win.–  CravingBiz

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