10 Motivational Quotes For The Day

The greatest goal one can achieve in life is to be good to others, while the most priceless thing the mind desire in life happiness.
Our ultimate goal in life is to uplift human spirit (mind, body and soul) with daily Motivational and Inspirational Quotes.

“The food of the mind is motivation , If the mind isn’t fed, then it starves to death” ~ CravingBiz 

Having a problem is one thing. Knowing your problem is another thing, finding solutions to them  is the ultimate thing.
We at cravingbiz understands the value of Motivation and how it can literally transform and help us in our daily life challenges. 

Here are Top 100 Motivational Quote That might change your world for good.
It’s a new month! If you sense the old strategy isn’t working, make a switch for a new one. Be kinetic in nature.~ CravingBiz 
Most times the result we get are not what we planned for,but one thing we have to always understand is that, sometimes we lose to win, while sometimes we win to lose. Any which way, always have a positive attitude towards life, for it has its own unique way of making things right. ~ CravingBiz 

God owe you nothing, it is you who owe God everything. Be grateful and thankful in every situation you find yourself. ~ CravingBiz  

God is worthy of doing extra ordinary things in your life. If only, you give him the chance.~ CravingBiz 

Our life is just like a gambler throwing a dice, at anytime or by chance we could hit big. Only if we never stop trying.~ CravingBiz  

 You can’t be a driver and also a passenger at the same; give others a chance. – CravingBiz

 Understanding the world you live in matters a lot, anyway it influence you, determines your achievement in life – CravingBiz 

You cant help anybody if you don’t help yourself. So do what you love n life.- CravingBiz 

Stop blaming the unnecessary, fight the consequences, face the reality. – CravingBiz

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