William Shakespeare is a GOAT

William Shakespeare Signature Worth

It’s quite surprising to how the world is going gaga with crazy things; from science and technology to art, fashion, music and many more.
Do you know that you can be worth more than billion of dollars after you have given up the ghost? Yes, I mean after you are dead.

Things are happening around the world and if you don’t know, now you are about to know.
Unveiling to you the worth of a great icon, an English actor, poet and playwright. He is most respected and regarded as the ‘GOAT’. O yes GOAT. I mean ‘Greatest Of All Time’ writer in the English language and the world’s greatest dramatist, a man named William Shakespeare.

How is he a G.O.A.T?

This English icon wrote quiet a number of books, 42 in total, both in play and poetry. Sold an astonishing minimum of 2 billion copies and maximum record sales of 4 billion. The highest sold ever.

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Shakespeare’s signature is worth more than US$5 million ~ Twitter

He, William Shakespeare, lived between 1564 – 1616; He lived for 52 years before his death.
What happened recently about William Shakespeare?
I was paying my Twitter account a visit shortly and stormed into this post which shocked me so badly.

Do you know?
Shakespeare’s signature is worth more than US$5 million, 403 years after his death? Yes, I mean US$5 million.
If you don’t know, now you know.
You can worth more.
On this end I close the curtain.

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