5 Reasons Why Everyone Deserves a Chance In Life

Everybody deserves to be given a chance to succeed in life. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Everybody was created for a purpose and with a particular talent.  Everyone has his/her own area of giftings. 

Therefore everyone deserves to be given a chance irrespective of their  family background or status in the society. As far as a person is equipped with a talent with which he/she can pursue a vision with the 7 Ways to Understanding the Logic to Successful Life : A Motivational Guide. They deserve a chance.


Chances are meant for everyone no one is left out.

 Reasons Why People Should Be Given a Chance:

It Is Necessary For The Maximization of Potentials: Everybody is talented, everyone has what it takes to make something out of their lives.  But sometimes, the missing link is just that chance to express themselves. 

For a lot of  people who did not maximize their potential, they ended up not maximizing their potential because they never got a chance to do so. It is therefore important that everyone be given a chance to maximize their potential.


 It Serves As A Form of Encouragement: When people are given a chance to express themselves and showcase what they have. It encourages them and makes them want to do even more.


Everybody Exists To Fulfill A Purpose : Everyone deserves  a chance  because they exist for a purpose. If they do not have a purpose to fulfil, they would not exist in the first place. Therefore, everyone  deserves a chance in order to fulfill their purpose in life. Sometimes, when all other options have failed, the only option that brings one’s  dreams to reality is just that one chance.


It Helps People To Get Things Right: Giving people a chance to maximize their potentials, helps them to see things pertaining to their area of endeavor, the way they are and to make necessary adjustments if need be.


It Helps To Raise Other People: People deserve to be given a chance, because by the time they get to the top as a result of the chance they are given, they will also help other people get to the top. 

For instance, a lot of Nigerian comedians have risen to the top, as a result of the help of the man who is believed to be the pioneer of comedy in Nigeria-Alli Baba. Alli Baba has been able to do this because he was given a chance to maximize his potential as a comedian.


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