Monday Feelings : Monday Motivational

Hello!!! Monday Morning….

We are not robots but we need to understand the Monday feelings ~ CravingBiz 

You’re feeling like not getting up from bed on Monday Morning? You feel tired and exhausted? Or probably feel like the weekend should never end? hmm! What should I call that? Laziness?

Sometimes we may not feel like getting up from the bed on Monday Morning or not feel like engaging in any serious activities. Oh yes, I understand. It happens. Sometimes when the mind is ready the body seems weak or the body could be ready while the mind is weak.
It most times has nothing to do with laziness but a natural change in human state of mind or in human nature. We aren’t robots! We are not programmed. We should always remember we are humans and humans are not prefect. 

Nevertheless, starting your week without a good Monday vibes may not be productive. So, Start your Monday with good vibes.<<< Previous page Next Page >>>

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