Top 6 Criteria For Success

Criteria of success

The desire to succeed is a bell that continuously rings in the heart of almost every man that exists here on planet earth. Everyman wants to succeed in life. Everyman wants to make headway in business, career, marriage and every good thing one can think of.

Success however requires that certain conditions be met before it can be attained. These criteria of success are enormous; however I will identity six of them. Criteria of success

The criteria of success stays in the heart of those who value it’s importance”. – CravingBiz 

1. A clear sense of purpose: Literally, the word purpose means reasons for which something is done. In line with this topic however, purpose is reason why a person exists. 

A man who has identified his purpose has an ideal picture of what he intends to do with his life with a sense of purpose, there is a dream after which one’s effort is geared.  This ultimately ensures that an individual sets goal that will eventually culminate in the actualization of dreams. This On the long run guarantee success.

2. Self Confidence: Any individual who intends to succeed in life must be self-confident. Self-confidence simply refers to believe in one’s self and ability. With a strong believe in oneself and ability, an individual can easily convince people to believe in his or her dreams and people on one’s  side one can be sure of success in whatever he/she sets out to achieve.

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