Top 6 Criteria of Success III

5. Integrity: Integrity is a character trait that is characterised by a high level of honesty and moral standing. If one must succeed in life,integrity is one character trait that must be imbibed. With a high level of integrity,the doors to one’s destination can be made to open without stress. The reason for this is not farfetched,integrity helps one find favour in the sight of people. People are always willing to help and favor a man of integrity.

6. Mentorship: Mentorship provides one with an opportunity to have a glimpse of success,in whatever area of life,while one is still in it’s pursuit .Mentorship is about having someone who has attained the success one is still looking forward to attaining and learning from that person’s experience,so provide as to a sure guide to success. With proper mentoring in career,business,academics and even marriage, one can be sure of guaranteed success.

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