The Power In Fighting Back : Motivational Quote

There Is Always A Point Won In Trying : Find Peace In Fighting Back 

To every man comes a dream to every dreams comes a goal to every goal comes a purpose and to every purpose comes with a fight as a challenge.
Life is full of everything. All imaginations, ideology are us to determine what we want and what our purpose in life could be.
Every thing in the world is a raw material it’s takes our ideology and imaginations to break them down into finished product, but since we know life isn’t a bed of rose. It’s will always take a fight at us before we can have what we want.
Life is programmed to constantly fight back day in day out with at least one challenging strategy or more. Nevertheless, we have to be always prepared for these challenges because the truth is that they will keep coming until you give up.

“Giving up won’t stop a thing , when life fight at you , fight back. – CravingBiz 

However man hunger for success. The 6 criteria for success make man filed with curiousity, to philosophise by installing the desire to want more and to know more.

 “I rather fight back to win a point than to be a loser by giving up” – CravingBiz


There is always a point won in trying :

A point won is just like adding medals to oneself  gallery. No matter how you add you are still not the best for there is always more medals to come via challenges, figuring out the 6 Ways to How To Motivate Oneself Into Greatness ,so why not keep trying.
To every fight fought, to every victory won and  to every battle lost there is always a point won. The irony is, if you decide not to fight, life will fight you with challenges, still you have to know How To Take Advantage of Opportunities, if you chose to fight, it will fight back, if you try to win it will find your weakness. The truth remain human cannot win over nature in the War of life, We can only win a point or two which prepares us for the next round. Perhaps You May Need Is A Dose Of Possession : A Consistent Positive Mindset Towards Success

Finding peace in fighting back is a way of preparing oneself for what is yet to come upon us. The war isn’t over until the world is over. Still keep fighting and keep winning a few points. These points are what made us to be who we are today. The passion, the zeal, the hunger, the desire, the ambition, the courage, the belief, the hope, the mindset, the inventions, the science and technology, to civilization etc, are the driving force which shows that we’re never made up to give up in life.
Don’t give up, Giving Up Not An Option To Success, it should be a driving force. A Missy Elliott Motivational Speech. When the world fights at you, fight back. Keep fighting and be positive in whatever you do. Be consistent: consistency is the driving force to success. Let your mind be full of motivational thought and ideas. Read motivational books. It will guide you and keep you going. Don’t give up easily.
In conclusion, there is nothing to gain in giving up on oneself because, nobody will fight for you.
If you will only remember this, ‘the moment you give up to your problem the more you give room to more’. Keep fighting until you find yourself fighting no more.
I Rather keep fighting than being a loser.

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