Our Voice Most Be Heard: National Youth Service Corps

Our Voice Must Be Heard

We have always heard them (the elders) say to us (youths), “you are the leaders of tomorrow” and now we have to make them (these leaders) realize that truly, we are leaders today, for that tomorrow has come.
 Today, it is our right and responsibility to take over the mantle of leadership from the past and incumbent leaders for they are old and feeble in strength. It is neither through violence nor conflict but by peaceful transition and passage of power and authority to us (the youths). We would love to respect and protect the dignity and sacrifices our old, legends, and great fathers have given, to ensure our freedom.


Yes! We are aware of their great deeds, suffering, sacrifices and perseverance in the struggle to make our nation Nigeria great. However, it is past-time you gave us the privilege to put into action/play what we have learnt through your orientation, historical knowledge, and western education, for we are stronger, intelligent, motivated, anxious.

We need you not to “pilot” us forever, NO! But, we seek your advice, counsel and orientation to guide us while we take the driver’s seat, putting to display our intellectual capacity and humanly strength to bring our nation to greener pasture. We say NO to violence, corruption, and division, but YES to harmony, humility, development, social security, good governance for we are royal priesthood, a golden generation with great desire to explore the goodness of the land for our development.
        As the joy of a father is to guide, pray and support his son to succeed him in life, so should be the joy of our aged leaders. It is not about the happiness of the son alone but the joy that engulfs the minds of the society at large.  All we request is a chance for our voice to be heard, for us to take part in the leadership role of our great Nation, for us to contribute our quota to enhance national development and a better live for her citizens.
Oh! Reference to a stanza in the Nation Youth Service Corp (NYSC) National Anthem which says” under the sun or in the rain… in dedication and selflessness”  I was touched and I look up to the crowd seeing  so many gifted and talented youth corps loosing hope for the better tomorrow.

All we need is empowerment, we the youths of this great nation can build the nation, we need a chance, we need your trust, we need your support, we need your belief. Though we understand that there are “bad eggs” amidst us, but we shall fight and never be weary, we shall suppress the vile for light will always overshadow darkness.
 A lot of talents, skilled graduate in different fields of study are losing hope for there is no survival means for us, we suffer and starve with respect to the rate of unemployment, we struggle to learn and develop ourselves to be employers of labor but no capital to facilitate our initiatives. We are sent to villages and jungles as youths serving our Nation, yet we have got nothing to show for it.  We could hardly survive by our allowance for a year program.
Yes! The senate passed the NotTooYoungToRunBill, but how realistic is this in Nigeria setting. We wear the shoes, we know where it hurts, we are the victims, we feel the pain, and we understand our priorities. We seek a chance to handle local, regional and national projects. Empower us and make us build industries, workshop, and companies. Pay us for our labour and at the end we will know we are working for the growth of the Nation and also for the good of our future. By these we are blessed and we are heard.


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