Life Love And Forgiveness: The Keys To A Better World

The existence of these three are in separateable. They are all channels that connect to the existence of humanity and the world.
Life is the cause of universal existence. By  it, all other things exists and without it nothing can exist.
However, the primary reason for human existence is love. Only those who understand the in depth of love will totally understand the purpose of life. 
Life is love and nothing more. Human existence is totally based on love for its fellow human. Love is built on sacrifice.

A World Alone
Have you ever imagine finding yourself in a empty world.? Where nothing seems to exist but yourself? A world where you have no one to talk to, a world full of dangerous things, without no companion? Based on your thoughts or imagination  alone, you can relate with cause pressure of fear. At this point you will reason to agree that life is useless without some comfort, I mean human comfort.

Trust and believe reign in the mist of comfort while comfort itself is love and love is life.

Breaking the bond between trust and believe is to breaking love. Nevertheless, love is bound to be broken if not well treated,understood or not well managed. 

Mistakes And The Imperfections of Man
Mistakes; Due to the nature of man and the imperfections in human, we are bound to make mistakes. Sometimes very brutal ones, either consciously or unconsciously. Yes, Mistakes are to be made and welcomed based on the imperfection in human. However, making mistakes could be costly sometimes, and can cost us a fortune or even our dear lives.

Nothing hurts more than breaking a heart of a loved one.someone who is committed to us, who is faithful and also believe in us.Yet nothing could replace or amend it but forgiveness.
Forgiveness is the dose to a broken heart, love and life. Never forget, in the state of human nature of imperfection. Men are evil, yet loving. 
Top Quote For The Day

“If not for anything but for the sake of life, learn how to love and for the sake of love learn how to forgive”. – CravingBiz

We should always learn these three things. To live, to love and to forgive. With this,  one will definitely live a fulfilled life.

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