How Contentment Helps To Successful Life : A Motivational Guide

Contentment: A Virtue Worth Imbibing

The need for advancement or bettering of our lives has put many people in circumstances that they ought not to be in. The truth remains that there is no crime wanting to better our lives or improve on whatever state we may find ourselves, but the question we must always bear in mind is at what cost is this going to be?

We have often equated money and riches to success in life and so because of this, many have been brainwashed to think that if they don’t have a million dollars or even a billion dollars in their account or have a net worth that is close to either amount at the end of their life cycle, they have failed or have come up short in eyes of people.

We all want to live in mansions, drive the latest that the automobile world can offer, wear the latest designer offerings and be perceived by others to be living the ‘good life’. This has pushed a lot of people over the edge, as many now live by the mantra: money must be made by whatever means. These means often times are illegal, as the legal way of getting money is often perceived as slow and not quick enough for these impatient ones, and so many have been forced to dabble in things like, armed robbery, advanced fee fraud, internet fraud and a host of other illegalities just to make it in life?

One fundamental question we often neglect to ask ourselves in life is no matter how many mansions we build in life, can we stay in more than one room per time? No matter how many automobiles we have in our garages, can we drive more than one per time? And no matter the amount of money we have in our bank accounts, would we be able to buy everything in life? People often say that the best things in life are free and often times the relentless pursuit of wealth will often take us to the brink.

What then is the cure for this cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabric of the society and manifested so much in the lives of the youths of today? The simple answer to this is contentment. Contentment is simply being ok with our level per time. If only contentment was a virtue that the youths of today have learned to imbibe, the world would have been a better place. Understand that contentment is not a cure for ambition, but it helps to check excessive ambition and yearnings for things that are beyond our control at a certain point in time.

Contentment helps us to be grateful for what we have per time because one thing I have often discovered in life is that, that point you are that you are so dissatisfied with is actually someone else’s prayer point. Contentment is in levels and phases and so is life itself. A high school student may be content with working at dinner during summer vacation, but university or college graduate will not be.

A bachelor may be content with staying in a one-bedroom apartment but a married man with kids will be unsatisfied by this. So it is important to be content with where we find ourselves at different points in time while aspiring to greater heights.

A contented soul is one that is not so easily moved by ostentatious display of wealth and riches, as it recognises that in due time, his time will come, so far it is not slothful and leaves everything to chance”. – Oyindamola Oketunbi

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