Giving Up Not An Option To Success : Missy Elliott Motivational Speech

You have to see it that way. Remember, nothing good comes easy. To be successful is to make sacrifices, time, energy, consistency and many more.  It could even cost you a lot even more, your life or loved ones. These are all part of the challenges faced by successful people you see glowing and flourishing. It may look crappy and odd  but at the end its worth the risk.

Giving up: Not an option to success but a driving force ~ CravingBiz 

You have come way too far to quit. Knowing fully well that where you are coming from is way too far to turn back and where you are going to is too close to quit.

Like I have always stormed on captivating, motivating, inspiring, educating post on Twitter.

Here is another one that shocked the world at the very moment.

An inspiring speech by Melissa Arnette ‘Missy Elliott’ (born July 1, 1971). An American rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, and record producer. ~ Twitter

“I’m about to wear this…cap and gown in the shower, all my next videos, everywhere I go.”

Grammy winner and hip-hop icon Missy Elliott gave an emotional speech after receiving an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music on Saturday.

— CNN (@CNN) May 15, 2019

After a night of twelve nominations on a musical award, with hope of going back home with a handful of award, she ended up accepting her fate by receiving none. Wow!!! Isn’t that crazy, embarrassing and humiliating? But the only thing she never did was giving up. She knew so well, she has come too far to quit. 

Had 12 nominations in one night and I had my speech written out, I did never get to say that speech because I walked away with nothing but I still kept going.

“Then I had 12 nominations in one night and I had my speech written out, and I was in the mirror a night before saying, ‘I want to thank this person and Janet Jackson and all this different people’. I did never get to say that speech because I walked away with nothing. But, I still kept going. We have to have patience, because as long as you are breathing, it is never too late. People will tell you, ‘you are too old’ or ‘it will never work out’. Don’t believe them. ~ Missy Eliot. <<< Previous page

Among all, if you don’t know why you shouldn’t up. Now you know why you shouldn’t, with such an Inspirational and  Motivational Success speech by Missy Elliott should give you a reason to be inspired to not giving up.

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