Climate Change : Threatens Human Health

A Threat to Human Health 

The world has continuosly experienceclimate change in the last couple of yearsClimate change is majorly caused by global warmingThe surface temperature of the earth ion the rise. The reason for this is not farfetched. It is a direct result of global warmingGlobal warming which is caused by the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxideinto the atmosphereposes one of the greatest challenges that the world is contending with at the moment. 

“Climate change poses a major threat to human health and is already having global impact by spreading infectious diseases and exacerbating mental health problems, experts warn” – CNN

These greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere as a result of natural and human activities, go on to trap the heat from the radiation of the sun within the atmosphereAnd this is why the earth has continuously experienced a rise in it’s temperatureThe release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is nevertheless caused by a number of human activities, such as industrialization, farming,fossil fuel burning  and so on. 

Effects Of Climate Change 

Climate Change poses a lot of threats to the atmosphere in particular and to the well-being of man in general . It causes water to level rise,thereby leading to drought and famine. Flooding may also arise from this. Moreoverit also causes the death of animals. 

When the heat in the atmosphere is too much,thwater in the ocean becomes acidic,thereby causing the death of some species of animals in it. Climate change also lead to economic loss. As a result of the damage to plants and animals caused by climate changea lot of loss is recorded by the places affected. This ultimately reflects in the economy of such places.

Haven highlighted these effects of climate change on our environment, it is imperative to note that the effects of climate change are not limited to the environment. Climate change also have adverse effects on the health of human beings.

A lot of people suffer high blood pressure as a result of the heat generated within the atmosphere through climate changeMoreoverbecause of the extreme heat in some parts of the world,a lot of people tend to want to move from such places to places with lower temperature

These results in a case where diseases are easily transmitted from one location to anotherIt can also lead to pollution and the contamination of water, which on the longrun affects human healthClimate can also bring about the break down of shelter, thereby rendering a lot of people homeless

In conclusion the threat that climate change pose to the well-being of planet earth cannot be over emphasised, if not well controlledclimate change may still go on to have even more damning effects on the earth in general and humanity in particular in the next couple of years. It is therefore important that necessary precautionary measures that will help to reduce the rate at which climate change is going is taken

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