7 Ways to Understanding the Logic to Successful Life : A Motivational Guide

By nature we are not the determinant of our success in life, we can only plan, structure, draft the map, do the mathematics and the logical reasoning. We may say we have gotten or figured it out but I tell you, nature knows how to take its course. So far we know not the cause of our existence logically we know nothing of our self, what we are, where we are or what we could become or what the world could through us.
Only if you admit we are just like a leaf on a tree blown by the wind (creator). Making us not having power over ourselves.
I will not want to digress or go too deep. But I will try and explain in details and in the simplest form in carrying you along the journey to understanding the logic to success.
Some are born with silver spoon as they call it, while others are born with spoons of other kinds and some with none.
The latter of the three scenarios painted above may come with shame. However, if you have a vision, being born with any of these spoons or none shouldn’t be your concern because by the virtue of reading this article you are very much on your way to achieving your dream following the logical principles to success.

“Dream is like a blank slate in the mind, vision is the pen. Goal is what is written and purpose is all of them”. – CravingBiz

7 Ways to Understanding the Logic to Successful Life :

1. Never Believe You Are  In Total Control Of Yourself : So many things in our lives mostly happen by chance, not by human effort, passion, or by knowledge, however neglecting all does not connote that they don’t exist or work but they aren’t the primary source to your success in life.
We can only try to understand or predict the future, we can’t determine it. Don’t forget prediction is under probability don’t let your life be based on it.
Don’t Wait For Help From Any Man, Go For It: There is a popular saying ” If the prophet does not go to the mountain, the mountain will come to the prophet”. Though this saying may sound a bit confusing but its quite meaningful. It means that if you call for help and it never comes to you, go get to it.
Never Depend On Any Man, They May Fail You: “Human are naturally deceitful by default”. When you achieve something they praise you and when you fall they mock you. So, in whatever you do never, ever depend on any man. Put your total trust in what you believe in then push toward your goal.
Always Try To Take Responsibility: It will be rough, tough and challenging yet try to take charge, take responsibilities. Responsibility is for men not children. Responsibility is not determined by age, race or class. If you are a man, people will call you a man. You don’t need to tell them you are a man. They will surely see it in you. So “take responsibility, take charge”~
Define Your Purpose In Life: Most people never know that “purpose is the essence of human existence”. Most people just live because they exist. They aren’t concerned about why they are here on earth or why they are alive. 
Purpose stands as the middle man between life and death. Purpose gives life to dream, vision career goals and what a view. When we live, we live for a purpose and when we die, we die for a purpose. So define your purpose. So you can have it easy in life.

It Will Take Time, Stay Strong : Good things never come easy, to get it right, it will always take time. Steve Job the founder of Apple Inc. Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Bill gates and others never arrived at it or accomplished their dreams in a day, a year or two, some spent more than 10 years. Some even failed a hundred times before getting it right.
Believe In Yourself And Be Positive: Only you can be you. Nobody can replace you, realizing this fact should make you understand that you are responsible for any action you take or any decision you make. You can’t be 100% right but you have to be positive in every step you take.

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