5 Important And Positive Motivational Quotes You Need To Know Today

Among all are these Five Positive Motivational quote, greatly collected and gathered from experience with facts you may never regret knowing in life.

  1. Reality Shouldn’t be Judged by Appearance: Many people fail because they tend to judge the book by its cover, as they say, “ Never judge the book by its cover “. You may want to know why, why? It is because the cover of a book doesn’t determine the content of the story. Most times people fail to be successful in life because they don’t know the criteria for success. The title of a book may be interesting and catchy but the content may not, likewise the content may not be attractive but the title may be attractive or catchy, and or, both the content and the title may not make any meaning, whereas, in some cases, both could make a great meaning.

Life is basically filled with opposites which we have to learn and understand. To be successful in life or to keep moving forward sometimes we have to learn to ignore somethings that may surface as challenges or obstacles in our life’s to face reality.

The physical look or appearance of people doesn’t in any way determine who or what a person is in reality. The reality of life is for those who have a clear vision and to those who understand the purpose of life.

Sometimes it is not by the look it is by the content: Reality shouldn’t be judged by appearance – CravingBiz

2. When You Fall, You Don’t Crumble; it is Only When You Crumble You Fall: Understanding the fact that falling and crumbling are two dangerous things to the human race. However, one is frequent but a common disaster to man, while the latter take effect when the former has taken its cause. We fall to fail in the pursuit of success almost every time. Nevertheless, when we fall, it doesn’t mean we have crumbled, we keep going by standing up on our feet again. We may fall a thousand times and crumble ones but we can’t crumble a thousand times and fall once. I hope you see a big difference. Whichever way it comes, the best solution is by confronting life challenges with laughter.

When You Fall, You Don’t Crumble; it is Only When You Crumble You Fall – CravingBiz 

3. You Don’t Lobby For Success, You Work For It: lobby is a form of laziness, an act in which one lacks self-confidence about his or her purpose, no clear vision on what a person wants to become. Putting everything on a chance by waiting for results without a test or an examination. In this act, such a person, in short, has no future or futuristic reality or mindset toward life. Such a person is always blown by the wind in any direction. No plan, no dream, no purpose but yet always want something good in life. Perhaps you Finding a way to overcome obstacles and attaining success in life in the process of working it out of 
yourself, all you need is motivation.

You Don’t Lobby For Success, You Work For It – CravingBiz 

4. It Is Not About How Far You Have Gone, It is About How Well It Is Done: Do you know you can have a thousand of experience without achieving nothing? Or you can be as old as Mount Everest with little or no experience and exposure?. Not to digress, Do you know experience and exposure are the ultimate criteria for maturity while the application of wisdom is a guide?.
One thing is to explore, the other is to know what you are exploring, some have gone through the journey of life for so many years without achieving anything while some haven’t gone a mile but achieved a lot. However, if we find yourself in one or any of these challenges of life all we need to do is to Staying Positive in Life.

It Is Not About How Far You Have Gone, It is About How Well It Is Done – CravingBiz 

5. When There Is A Good Strategy, Even The Amateur Can Win: Yes, even the blind can win with a good strategy. Strategies are a plan to achieving a goal with the aim of succeeding. Most people at the top, the rich men and famous people didn’t get to that hight by chance, even if grace took some of them there, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a strategic plan. Perhaps, they had one or two. Nevertheless, planning without a vision is useless, especially when the vision is just an illusion. However, when having or creating a plan one must always try to work toward his or her plan. If not, one could end up achieving nothing. Also, never forget to start small, most top and influential people start with a little beginning.

When There Is A Good Strategy, Even The Amateur Can Win – CravingBiz 

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