10 Reasons Why You Will Succeed If You Start Small

Giving it a start with a little try could make a difference. – CravingBiz 
1. Solid Foundation: starting small helps you to build a solid and firm foundation that can withstand the test of time. In the face of challenges,this is what keeps an organization going. Some of the well known brands I have mentioned above,have faced their own challenges at different times.what has however kept them standing till today,is the solid foundation they built at the beginning.Moreover,if you observe carefully, you will find out that most people that have thrived in their career,are benefiting from the huge experiences they have garnered at the beginning of their career. 
2. It Afford Your Time to Work on Your Brand: starting small gives you all the time in the world to perfect your craft. It gives you time to make mistakes and learn from your mistakes. Starting at the highest level does not give you this kind of opportunity. Once you make mistakes, there is no coming back.
3. It Gives You Time To Grow: By giving room for your mistakes,starting small,helps you grow. This is made possible because,when you spend a lot of time mastering your craft,you will experience growth.
4.  It Reduces The Chances Of Getting Under Pressure: starting small helps you to run at at your own pace. You are hardly under any form of pressure. The highest level however requires a high level of energy.Hence, there is a probability of getting under pressure
5. Starting Small Helps to Easily Measure Your Level of Progress: when you start small, you can easily measure how much progress you have made This is particularly related to entrepreneurs.
6. It Is The Way To Go: Like i mentioned above,  man and every other natural thing that exists on planet earth, all follow this process of growth. So it is only normal to follow this process. It gives an assurance of a wonderful future.
7. It Helps You to Plan For The Future: Starting small helps you have a glimpse of what the future looks like and make necessary plans for it. Most of the multi national companies that are recording huge success today are doing so,as a result the plans they have made ahead.
8. Starting Small Increases The Chances Of Enduring Succeeding : When you start small,there is a big chance that you will succeed. This is because of the growth and experiences that you garner trying to grow the business.
9. It Helps You To Maximize Your Potentials To The Fullest: In the process developing your skills and growing your business, starting small helps you to discover more about yourself, your potentials and how to channel that potential in the right way
10. The End Product Of A Small Beginning Is Greatness: So starting small guarantees you greatness. However never procrastinate, procrastination is a deadly disease which kill the source and purpose of a starting Small.

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